Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Is Was Supposed to Rain .....

Yesterday was a marathon mowing extravaganza for me. I did have other things I would have rather been doing, but the forecast had me pushing the mower. Today I had planned to sit like a zombie and rest.

Yesterday I arose with doxies and got myself suitably dressed for a shopping excursion at Walmart and the Dollar Tree. Why? Because I would prefer not to be photographed and presented on-line as one of the People Of Walmart. Anyhoo, I was up and on my feet early. I was already done at the Dollar Tree and decided to stop in and see if my favorite cutter of hair might be momentarily idle and could perform her monthly miracle on my bleached out tresses.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I glanced at the clock in  my car .....8:30. They don't open until 9. Pushing my disappointment aside, I was resigned to finishing up with my shopping and heading home.

I was recently told that my current hairstyle was unbecoming ...... "Mom, what is up with your hair? It looks like a mullet. You need to get that long stuff in the back cut or something." Really, face-timing is not all that great. I remember telling this same child, who was too timid to make a phone call and wanted me to do it for her "Just make the call, it's not like they can see you!" The good old days, when one could rely on anonymity!

If I had not been so tired (Spring time in a campground), perhaps I would have questioned the clock on my dash. Dollar Tree does not open until 9, either! By the time I figured that out, I was already pushing a near full shopping cart. By the time you heave a big bag of dog food, followed by a big bag of cat food and a flat of wave petunias that were begging to come home with me, you are committed to continue shopping. The petunias waited forlornly on the shelves all the way in the back of the garden center. The discards that have been reduced by 50%. Nothing wrong with them that a good dead-heading would not cure. I rescued them!

I raced home and began mowing and after finishing, I dug in and created 3 hanging baskets for the newly roofed pavilion. I weeded a good sized plot of garden and generally stayed on my feet until dark. We ate supper at 8:45, showered and fell into bed exhausted. I am still exhausted.

Men at work ....

All work sites need a supervisor ........

 and a boom box. Gotta have some tunes!

Since no rain did fall I decided to see how much of the back of the main building I could paint. I came in at 1:00 and just realized I am done for the day. I am so very tired. I am kind of glad the rain has held off, since I might have left the soaker hose to the strawberry patch on all night. There were lots of strawberries this morning. The entire garden is a little soggy as that water saturated all the way to the road. I might, or might not share my little faux pas with HeWho will never let me forget I made a mistake. No wonder the water pressure wasn't so good in the shower last night! 

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Val said...

I can't wait to hear stories about how your pool patrons "appreciate" the new pavilion!