Sunday, June 4, 2017

Martha, Martha, Martha

When Martha (the boy cat) isn't hunting or sleeping the day away in my bed, he is out in my gardens. Like me, Martha enjoys being outside in nice weather. When it is raining he is happy to stay inside, but as soon as the weather is warm, he likes to spend lots of time outside.

Martha will sometimes follow me around as I go about weeding and picking fruit and vegetables. He seems to always be watching what I am doing. So, why is he laying where I planted some four o'clocks? He saw me digging and preparing the soil to grow the seeds. He KNOWS I do not like this!

Despite my scolding he just lay there looking up at me. He looks pretty sure of himself. Smug!

Since Martha does his job at keeping the rabbits out of my garden, he pretty much has the run of the place. But now I find him in my pepper patch. Really? Does he think this will be allowed?

Just look at him lolling among my pepper plants! Ignoring me as I warn him to GET OUT! I don't have any more pictures. He made himself scarce after I turned the nozzle to "jet" and propelled him out of my garden.

I confess that I might be a little worried about pay back.  No telling what he will put in the back yard for the dogs tomorrow!

I now have a new I-phone with a hotspot for internet. Good for me, but we are still fighting with our friends at Sprint to get the Wi-Fi back up and running ..... since it is one of the amenities of our park.

I have a confession to make. I do like to use that word -amenity- with those campers less educated, just to watch their looks of confusion. Is that mean? Of course it is. Lack of internet access has made me mean.


Anonymous said...

No internet would make me very irritable. I cannot imagine being out of "range" for very long. Every so often we go to a place that has "no service." I always announce that I could not live in such a place. Visit? Maybe. But live there? NO.

Linda O'Connell said...

I was enjoying your Martha story thinking about our camping days when you made me laugh out loud with your fifty cent word, amenities. Love your writing style.

Val said...

I'd think twice before spraying Mr. Martha with a hose. He looks pretty...uh...HEALTHY!

luksky said...

When I garden my dog will follow me around to eat the grub worms that come up.