Friday, June 9, 2017

Customer Service?

Meet Buster, a new resident sporting delicious puppy breath. I did hold him and kiss his sweet head, never thinking Charming Eddie would react so negatively. It's not like he is not around other dogs that I show affection for. But he was quite upset and carefully sniffed my lips that had touched the head of another. Then he twisted away from me to shun me!

Buster was oblivious to all the goings on. He is a pretty laid back little guy and I have a feeling that as long as his food and water dishes are filled regularly he won't care much about his surroundings.

Everyone knows I love dogs, maybe I should get that tattooed on my forehead. Maybe not. If only all my residents and weekenders were as compliant as Buster.

It is Friday in a campground. I have carefully plotted out my chart and have fit everyone in with all their specific requests. First I had to make a mad dash to Walmart to pick up RX for the master of the house. I was up at 6 am and would have gone then, but the pharmacy does not open until 9 am. This was part of what I liked about working in the pharmacy, the decent hours. But not at all convenient for me right now. I did go early and grabbed all the things on my list before they opened. I knew it was ready, they sent me a text.

It was almost $50 for a one month supply! I know how to read the receipts having worked there before and saw that the insurance was covering nothing. Probably not on their formulary, so when I stepped over to the consultation window, already having paid for it, I asked the pharmacist if there was a solution to the high priced drug. I was already resigned to calling the insurance company and then the clinic and changing to another drug in that class. But we perused the $10 list that Walmart honors and discovered that the same drug was on it in 20mg. It had been filled for 30mg with instructions to take two daily (60mg). The nice pharmacist called the clinic for me and had it approved to fill it with 20mg and change the instructions for him to take three.

Like he knows what he takes. I fill his weekly container and he takes whatever I put in there. He would be lost without me, you know. I do take good care of him even if he does get on my nerves ....

I had to wait for the whole deal to get done, but I will save almost $40 a month, so it was worth it. But, it did mess with my Friday morning and when I got back the first camper for the weekend showed up. I asked for the name the reservation was under and he said the first and last name together making it sound like he was saying the last name. I finally figured that part out and finished the transaction, sending him to site #4. I did not build this park and I do not know what they were thinking when they designed the sites to be one in front of the other. This camper is to be joined by two other campers. Site #5 is in front of site#4. Site #4 has to be occupied first and site #5 will need to back in. Same deal with site #2 and site #3. Except that 2 and 3 are on the end and someone can pull in behind 3 and still be able to get their vehicle out on the side. I opted to put the shortest travel trailer in 2. These double sites are about 150 long, so there is no shortage of room, IF you follow the instructions of the nice campground hostess.

Camper #1 of the party of three just came in to tell me that he chose to just pull on up to 5. I am cranky and hungry and forgot to take my meds on time, so I am also sneezing. I didn't totally lose it, but I did come close. He said, "Well, I have to be able to hook up when I am ready to leave." I suggested that he move to 2. He would have to back out, but he had already informed me that he had no problems backing up. He said he was all set up and didn't want to move.

"How is your friend going to get into 4?" I asked. He looked at me blankly and I went over the whole situation AGAIN. I had already explained my thinking to him when I assigned the site. Then he told me I had set this whole campground up all wrong. I informed him that I didn't design it, that I would have done a much better job doing so. "These are the sites I have and you all want to camp together, so when your friend gets here you two can figure it out."

No, that was not good customer service and I should have done better. Maybe I should eat some food and take my pills ...... 


Val said...

People just can't follow instructions any more! Always wanting to make things easier for THEMSELVES, to the detriment of others. Way to tell him! Let the Einstein figure it out for himself. If he doesn't like it, next time he can go disrupt and insult somebody else's campground.

Linda O'Connell said...

First off, Buster is cute, but Eddie is the winner. The medicine deal was a winner, and the camp dude was a dumb ass. But you can't fix stupid.