Monday, June 5, 2017

Must Be An Emergency .....

My new phone is here, allowing me to use the internet. Any time I desire. But, right now the Wi-Fi in the park is working. This makes me think they were wrong when they said we had to buy a new modem. Why would it work intermittently if it was bad?

I enjoyed some outside time this morning with only 7 phone calls and not one live people disturbing my concentration as I mowed and pulled weeds in the cool of the morning. It was really hot yesterday and looks like today will be hot, as well. Swimmers are already adorning the pool area.

Yesterday was Sunday. Usually my favorite day of the week. Most weekend campers leave and I close early. I like to eat a meal with HeWho is always up for take-out. Maybe have a conversation without interruption ...... you know like normal people. I was crabby when I woke with a dull headache. The atmosphere was like a sauna, hot and humid. I could tell a storm was brewing.

The air had turned cool and the sky was dark as I was closing up. I snuck around to my vegetable garden and did some serious weeding and a little replanting of beans. I think some birds must have gobbled up my first attempt when that gully washer revealed them, washing away the soil.

I made the mistake of coming around to the front and seeing a camper. I sighed deeply (to myself) and unlocked the store door to assist them. It was a truck pulling a travel trailer about 28' long. I put them in a double site. The site has two hook-ups and I have put two travel trailers in it before with no problems. After asking me what seemed to be a thousand questions about dining opportunities nearby, he finally left to go to his site. He was in a hurry to un-hook before the rain came, so he could go feed his family ....

I was in a hurry to finish in my garden, too. I no sooner locked the door and headed back to my task when the phone rang. The woman said her husband said he could not hook up to the sewer, that it was too far away. I gave her an immediate solution to just pull forward and hook up to the site in front of them. I could think of other solutions, like a longer sewer hose, but just gave her the quickest easiest one I could think of. But, she wanted another site. This request involved another call that interrupted me. I was closed, I was not in the office. I told her that site 33 was available.

By now the rain had started and I was really annoyed that I had not finished my task. My head was still hurting, had been all day. I just wanted to be left alone. HeWho goes out to acquire take out had placed the food order and left. The man pulling the camper stayed hooked up and took his family out to eat, trailer in tow.

I had a blissful 30 minutes of phone silence and I sat with my feet up, my head back, with my eyes closed, petting the 3 dogs in my lap, and occasionally reaching down to the lone female dog, Toni Louise. My headache was just beginning to subside when my dinner arrived ..... and the phone rang. He Who answered it. The trailer towing man had returned and was calling to complain that someone was in 33. I had not put anyone on that site. But, just for the sake of peace I offered up another site number that was unoccupied.

Just beginning to enjoy my meal when THE PHONE RANG AGAIN. It was the man again, telling me there was a pick-up parked in that site and that he just wanted his money back. I agreed that we would give him a refund and that I would be back in the office as soon as I dressed again. It was 9:00 and I was clad in my night shirt and ready for bed. My food was getting cold. HeWho generously offered to handle the refund transaction and his food got cold as well.

First of all, who hooks up the sewer before unhooking the camper from the truck? If he wanted to get settled before the rain, you would think that would not be a priority. Of course, I don't know what mysteries lay inside the camper and maybe it was urgent to dump the sewer. But, he had an option immediately available, as he was sitting on two sites.

Then there is the mystery camper on 33. This was an older couple that I had assigned to site 70. They did not want a full hook-up. They did not pay for a full hook-up, but they decided to park on 33. And last, but not least, was the tenant on 2 who parked his truck on site 4. Happens all the time and I don't know why. This is a tenant who lives in his camper, as his work takes him to different areas and he travels to a central spot and stays until the job is done. You would think he would know better. Last night I would have charged him the $30 I lost due to him occupying that site. I have mellowed over night, but he will not escape my wrath! Why can't everyone just follow instructions!!

The rain washed everything clean and must be keeping the pollen down, since I feel much better today. But I still wonder why that sewer was such an issue ......


Val said...

What IF...he had no intention of staying, and just wanted to hook up to your sewer to dispose of regular waste, OR chopped up body parts? He might have been a sewer scammer! Or a murdering hacker on a cross-country spree! Sorry. Sometimes my imagination runs wild.

Linda O'Connell said...

I think these people just love to irritate. Human nature is mind boggling. And the hose thing is bizarre. You should write a story titled Kathy's Wrath, and mete out punishment for their misdeeds: weed the garden, mow the yard, walk the dogs, pay the fine.