Thursday, June 8, 2017

29 Flavors

Yesterday was such a blah day. I was ready for the day to be over before it even got started good. I tried to repot some plants and ended up with my shoes full of potting soil and nothing much to show for my efforts, so I moved on.

Decided to tackle a big plot of overgrown wild daisies and many other weeds. Clover was trying to take over and choke everything out. I managed to get my fingers under a tap root and pulled a huge clump out with a long strip of poison oak attached. I gave up on outdoor chores and went inside to wash my affected skin with the Fels Naptha soap. So far, so good.

I tripped over Martha, the boy cat, while preparing dinner and bent my little toe back. This made me be mean to HeWho inquired about my well-being. So, I skipped dinner and finished folding all the laundry. Felt better after that and made a new recipe with fresh strawberries. A Strawberry Cheesecake Cake. Not a real cheesecake, but it was still pretty tasty. The only good thing I did all day.

I had heard HeWho The Builder putting up the trim on the side of the building that I had ready to go a week before Memorial Day. Must have been something I said ..... Anyhoo, I had offered to help, but he declined my assistance. Maybe because I insist on measuring and using a level?

Today I worked on my gardens and repotting all morning, as I watched him take down the trim he put up the day before. He took one piece off, measured, then holding it atop the golf cart, rode around to the barn to trim off the excess. He would them come back and replace it before moving on to the next board. I thought about suggesting that he simply bring the saw to the side of the building ...... I decided not to interfere and let him do it his way. I would have finished painting with the gray paint before I put up the black trim boards, but that's just me :).

I finished my ferns and watered everything before confining myself to the office. UPS brought my new snocone syrups and I busied myself with refilling the flavors that were out and getting the 5 new flavors ready to use with the pour caps. You get a deal if your order 10 bottles at once, so I ordered the 5 flavors that were low and 5 new flavors. I keep hoping someone will want a snocone, so I can indulge with a sample one. I am torn between the toasted marshmallow and the hot cinnamon. I also added dreamsycle, cola and sour cherry. This makes 29 flavors to choose from. Cherry is still the #1 seller, with Grape being a close second. Blue raspberry is another favorite. 

I would want to live on the wild side and try something different, it is only $1. But, not everyone is like me ...... I measure things and use a level.   


Val said...

Sorry about your pinky toe! Now I want to hear how the toasted marshmallow and the cinnamon sno-cones taste. Those are two that I would try!

Paula Kaye said...

I found this very funny and entertaining!!