Saturday, February 7, 2009


I should have followed my first instinct and just waited for him to go to work and moved the freezer myself. After all it was my idea..... Negate the fact that I am sick and want nothing more than to crawl in a hidey hole until fully recovered. This particular "project" has been going on for weeks (Little Annoyances) and I just wanted some progress to console myself with. I spent all day yesterday moving everything in the path of the new freezer location in between fits of coughing. Had it all ready to go. Now, I have moved said freezer before by myself, but have a new rough finish on the floor. I was cooking a decent meal as a reward and asked Drew if he would help me. Off he goes to find a dolly to put the freezer on to roll it. Good idea. I get hung up with a phone call and he says he can't find the dolly. Anyone who knows Drew would not be surprised that he was unable to locate any particular item. So I finish the call and go to the shed and locate said item. I was under the distinct impression that this didn't exactly make his day...nothing he said, just a vibe I was picking up on. So it is with this attitude that we are navigating the freezer to it's new home. Need to back up at this point to describe the waterworks department in our utility room---there are big pipes, small pipes and various twisty connections that would remind you of a maze puzzle. No one on this earth should know the location of this contraption better than Drew; after all he created most of it. So he is moving along pushing the freezer and I am trying to get the crazy dachshund out of the way along with myself and Drew gives a mighty thrust and all of a sudden a geyser of water is raining down on us!! Yep, he hit the pipe and popped it off. I took the high road and admitted that it was all my fault, since I am the one who wanted to move the freezer. This will probably be funny at some time in the future after everything is dry again, but not right now. Trying to look on the positive side--I needed to mop anyway. Of course I didn't really want to have to wipe dry every surface in the room. This all brings me back to my original theory on this building--it is trying to kill me. I have had way too many respiratory difficulties since moving in. Seems like I spend the whole winter trying to get better, then Spring brings the pollen to feed my allergies, Summer is a breathe easy zone before Autumn and more allergies. Should I just succumb and let the building win? No way.

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