Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am patiently waiting to hear the president tell me tonight what his plan is. I hope he is well prepared and doesn't stutter (I find it extremely annoying). More than that, I am sad to say, is that I can't wait to hear what Stewart and Colbert will have to say. Laughter may be all we have left soon. My retirement is gone (no, wait there is 31 cents left--they actually sent out a statement), my business is not thriving and my husbands paltry hours were cut at his part-time job. I am glad he didn't get laid off, but I am a little anxious that the cut in hours is going to eliminate him from receiving benefits. We cannot afford health insurance without the benefit plan. I am sure that his company is also feeling the pinch here. Most companies--WalMart, for instance--are cutting back on hiring full-time employees to avoid having to offer benefits. Pretty soon we will be trying to barter for our health care. Hey, I am willing to barter now! So here I sit on pins and needles to see what the leader of our country has to say. Who wants to bet I will probably be disappointed?


Lover of Life said...

I'm afraid he isn't going to be able to solve all our problems. He's smart and he's a humanist, however. I do believe he gives a damn. Which is better than we've had for a long time. But we now have problems that are going to take time. Healthcare is huge. I'm all for a system that doesn't pay a middleman (insurance) for something so important.

Jo said...

You know, you have a really great blog, and you're a good writer. More people need to find you...!

Being a Canadian, I can't really comment on Obama except to say that I am not an "Obamamaniac" like many Canadians are. I think he wanted desperately to be President, and come riding in and rescue everyone. But the economic woes really began after he got the Democratic nomination, and I don't think he has thr skills knowledge or abilities to fix things. The economic situation has only gotten worse since the Stimulus Package was announced.

Come up to Canada! We have universal health care and some of the best doctors in the world -- including a few Nobel Prize winners in Medicine. Vancouver General Hospital is affiliated with all the great hospitals in the world including great teaching hospitals like Harvard and Stanford.

We also have strong banking regulations.

And we're nice. :-)

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I do agree that our president does want to solve our current problems. I don't want to say that he is incapable because he is limited in what he can accomplish--this is the way our government was set up to work with checks and balances so that no one man would be able to dictate all the decisions for our country. I fear that the system itself has become so corrupt that it is beyond repair. Gee, that was a downer, huh? Thanks, Jo, for your kind comments and right back at you!