Thursday, February 5, 2009

Local News

Being sick and cold has confined me to the couch in front of the TV. As I huddle with the dogs under the afghan with the headache of the century I look for any distraction I can find. I spy the local (weekly) newspaper. I have read all 16 wide pages and I still don't feel enlightened. The lead story on the front page is the celebration of a local gentleman's 102nd birthday, complete with a photo of the family and him in front of a huge cake. The Chamber of Commerce has installed new officers and the other story on the front page is about a local woman who attended the inauguration. She is depicted in a photo with caption"It was cold". I find that to be profound. I usually don't read the paper so much as scan through it to see if I see anything related to my campground in it. Then I do the crossword and pull out the one grocery ad to check for specials.Inside the paper you will find the usual ads, birth announcements, weddings, engagements and obituaries. The local police chief and sheriff each have a column and all the 911 calls (even the hangs) are listed for posterity. The "commentary" page is shared by the district congressman and senator---and a local pastor; causing me to wonder if they have violated the division of church and state. This week has a reprint of last weeks comments along with this weeks. Two whole pages are dedicated to photos of elementary children who have been awarded for obeying classroom rules. ( In my day, obedience was a given and any notoriety was reserved for those who did not obey.) The "want ads" occupy a very small portion of the paper and are interspersed with little jewels labeled "thought for the day". This weeks thought is " A committee is a cul-de-sac down which ideas are lured, then quietly strangled". I find the sentiment to be profound, but can't help but wonder how many readers of this publication will actually understand it. Maybe I have taken too much flu medication or I have too much idle time on my hands...........

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