Friday, February 27, 2009

Confused and Lost

I was happily sewing away when puppy in residence began his high pitched yapping. This was my notice that someone was approaching the office. We have a bell that sounds when the door opens and I have yet to convince Wall-E that his help is not necessary. (Can't convince him not to follow me into the bathroom and try to sit in my lap every time I go in there either.) I went into the office to encounter a little old man looking for a campground--not this one. He said the campground was near Williamsburg and that "you could park there, but not stay there". He stopped in Williamsburg and they sent him to me. He was hoping that if he described the park to me I would know how to get there. He offers me his road map. I want to help him, but I have only lived here five years, and the nature of my business keeps me from exploring the area much. He goes on to describe this campground, "It has a lot of water around it, lakes and ponds, but you can't live there, you have to have wheels on your trailer." Okay. I ask if he is sure of the name of the city and ask the name of the campground. Poor guy drove all the way from Michigan to see his daughter. The campground is either hers or she runs it. He said she had no phone, only a cell phone and he left her number in Michigan along with the name of the campground. He finally told me his daughters name, but that doesn't help with a cell phone. He was so confused and lost. He has been to the campground before, but can't remember how to get there. I'm guessing his daughter is wondering where he is and why he hasn't called. I sent him down to the station where Drew works in hopes that somebody will know the campground he is trying to describe. I hate to think of this 90 year old man on the road after dark, lost.


Lover of Life said...

That is so sad. My husband has been out of town all week with his 94 year-old dad, and 96 year-old mother dealing with elderly issues. I can't imagine them on the road anywhere!

Andrea said...

This is so sad, I just want to cry. I can't imagine how lost he must feel. One of my biggest fears of growing old(er) is being all alone.

SJT said...

Did he get to his destination? Were you able to find out?