Saturday, April 1, 2017

Pick Up Your Poop!

Charming Eddie loves to have a picture taken. He is no longer a mere pup. His nose has grown and he is quite the handsome fellow. His torso is a tad longer than Cujo's and his snout is, too.

Cujo is just not photogenic. No picture can capture him in a good light. Makes me love him even more. He just can't compete with Eddie in the looks department, but he is the most loyal little dog.

Just look at Eddie. It's like he knows how handsome he is!

Eddie is currently napping. He has had such a long day outside in the nice weather. He stayed out the entire time I mowed. And mowed, and then mowed some more. Spring is here! The peach and apple trees have blossomed and tulips are popping up.

Not just tulips, dandelions are every where. The grass was calling out for a good cut. I actually like to mow. It is a lot like painting, you see the results instantly. As much as I like it, I think I may have over done it today. I had set reasonable goals ..... or so I thought, but I am whipped and I didn't finish!

I was thinking I would weed and hoe at least one raised garden bed, but I don't think I can move. My legs are cramping and I am miserable. I wanted to plant some spring peas before the sun sets. My asparagus is already going strong. I picked enough for the two of us and I noticed that my strawberry plants are blooming! Things will start to happen fast now and I don't have time to be in pain! I feel like have rocks in my joints.

As perfect as this day has been, besides my body failing me, I made a discovery in the dog park that made me see red. POOP. Really, how rude to leave your dog's poop. There is a sign as you enter that clearly lists the rules.  And poop pick up is among them!


Kathy G said...

I came home from dinner out tonight and found a huge pile of dog poop that wasn't there earlier in the afternoon when the grass got cut. Makes me SO mad!

Val said...

Eddie could be a model! And Cujo...well...Cujo is quite breathtaking.

Linda O'Connell said...

Years ago our old Cocker/Springer Spaniel used to poop in the tomato garden. We had the biggest and best tomatoes in the neighborhood. Just saying.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

That is one of the down sides of pets you have to clean up after them