Friday, April 7, 2017

Good Hunters Eat What They Kill!

Finally, a sunny day! Much to be mowed. I mowed my dogs yard after what I thought to be a very thorough poop scooping job .......

I would swear under oath that I walked that yard inch by inch and picked up all the leavings to be found. So, I was left wondering how I could have missed as much as I apparently did. I stopped mowing twice to pick up more. Were they waiting for me to clear a path and walking behind me pooping?

Now I sit here sipping tea and waiting for my lunch to settle before I tackle the dog park. I better not find any surprises! I do not like that kind of a surprise. I did not sleep well last night. The dogs were restless and would not settle down. No storms last night, so that was not the problem. I finally gave up at 5 am and took them out.

While they took care of business, I took care of my own and then went to the back door to let them in. I heard some snapping and crunching out there in the dim light of almost morning. Wall-E had hustled back inside, but Cujo and Charming Eddie were up to something. I ventured forth into the chilly air to see what they were doing.

I wish I had not done so. Last night, Martha, the boy cat, was nowhere to be found when we went to bed. I heard something that sounded like silverware falling to the floor. I alerted HeWho should be the hero and go investigate, but he said it was nothing. It was that cat. He had managed to get himself trapped in the spare bedroom and in his efforts to let me know of his dilemma was jumping around on every surface. He knocked down a container of Legos.

I rescued the cat and went to the back door to let him go out, as is his routine, for a night of hunting. He had other ideas, involving his food dish. I scooped him up and sort of tossed him out the door. No worries, cats land on their feet. He was mad at me, though, and cats are spiteful.

Martha did hunt and Martha did catch and kill a rabbit. Martha did not eat the rabbit. Martha put the rabbit in the back yard. He knows I hate this. Cujo was eating the rabbit. I could hear the bones breaking as he crunched the tiny rabbit. I grabbed Eddie, since Cujo was not in a sharing mood, and brought him inside with me. I left Cujo out and we went back to bed for a couple of hours.

Not a great start to my day, but I hear a mower calling my name. I plan to pace myself today so I will still be able to function after mowing .... I hope.


Val said...

Maybe the dogs were restless because they knew what was going on in the back yard. I hope Cujo enjoyed his 5:00 a.m. snack.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Val. The dogs knew the cat was having fun without them. Cats! They love to hunt and terrorize and kill and then walk away when there is no more fun.