Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Handsome Image

Saturday's mowing left me with pains in my joints, Sunday brought the muscle pain. Sunday also started out with rain. A reprieve from finishing the mowing? No, I managed to get my body moving enough to take care of the rest of my part when the sun came out and dried the grass.

More rain last night and this morning ..... and you can't even tell we mowed! When we came in last evening as the sun was setting, the grounds were amazing. Nary a dandelion did dot the grassy surface. All was neatly trimmed. Today it looks like elves came in the night and sowed dandelion seeds! It is too wet to mow.

It is too wet to have rock delivered to build up the roads and put in a couple more sites. Seems like today would be a wasted day, but there is one thing that wet ground makes easy. Weeding! I took advantage of the wet ground and did just that. All day long. I planted early peas and even cropped more asparagus. Planted some turnips and got my biggest raised bed ready to plant corn and beans. The corn will go down the middle and the beans can climb the corn stalks. Potatoes and garlic are also in the ground.

Last year I planted brussel sprouts and harvested nothing. They came up and made sturdy stalks, but no sprouts. My beets did quite well and I will plant again this year, despite HeWho's alleged dislike of them. I caught him eating some that I pickled a couple of times. The beet brownies I made ....... let's just say they were "earthy" and overpowered the chocolate. 

I am still preparing for my mega yard sale. I set a framed mirror on the floor in our sitting area, meaning to add it to the collection of stuff to sell. I kept forgetting to take it into the store with me. I was putting away towels yesterday when I noticed my Charming Eddie standing near the mirror.

I stood still to watch him as he peered into the depths of the looking glass. Have you ever wondered if animals could see their image in a mirror? I have. I mean, I know they can see themselves, but I wondered if they would recognize the image as their own. Eddie posed sideways and front-ways as he stared at his image, then leaned in and licked the glass. He then backed up and looked intently at his image again. As he turned away to play with the multitude of dog toys littering the floor, he gave the image a last look over his shoulder.

I left the mirror there and have seen him approach it several more times. Today he had a squeaky toy in his mouth. He has never barked at his image as far as I know, he just seems to want to look at it. Wonder what he thinks it is! Maybe he knows it is an image of himself and finds himself to be magnetically handsome. Well, he is!


Val said...

Who knew Eddie was a little narcissist? I hope your garden flourishes, and your joints loosen up so you can plant lots of beets for HeWho's enjoyment.

luksky said...

There's just something so satisfying about pulling weeds out of the damp ground after the rain.

Debby said...

We finally mowed our lawns. The ground was so soggy from all the rain.

Paula Kaye said...

I never really gave much thought to whether animals knew that was them in the mirror. Your garden will be glorious. I love beets. All ways. Maybe not in brownies!! We have been having lots of rain here too!

Linda O'Connell said...

Years ago, my ex found two feral doberman pups, about six weeks old in the woods. They were so vicious we locked them int he bathroom. When they calmed down, I was able to interact with them. When I removed my robe, they saw their reflection in the full length mirror and perceived their own images as a threat and went crazy. Those mutts had to go!

Eddie recognizes greatness when he sees it.

ellen abbott said...

I do not understand why you dislike dandelions so much. I think they are pretty dotting an otherwise boring expanse of green. besides they are an important early food source for bees.