Thursday, April 27, 2017

I Am The Map

Eddie has grown into a fine little dog. Not so little anymore. I think he might be bigger than Cujo. They are best buddies now and sleep next to each other.

Thank goodness I have this sweet pair to calm me! I read somewhere that stroking a dog or cat will bring your blood pressure down .......

It has been the longest day. After yesterday's rain, the temperature dropped and it was chilly all day. I was busy inside, painting the trim to go up on the new siding outside. The phone rang almost non-stop. Cancellations for this weekend because of the crummy forecast and reservations for Memorial Day weekend. The usual exclamations of distress that one cannot choose the site they want and even a couple of  "is your all's pool open yet". Then we have the all the telemarketers that start the call with a demand that I not hang up. As if that will stop me.

I had talked to a man a couple of days ago, inquiring about tent camping. It was a rather lengthy call, as he had many questions. He also made me privy to his divorce agreement and child visitation arrangements. He is also currently engaged, in case you wanted to know. This conversation was conducted outside, as I was pulling the weeds in my Bee Balm patch. I assured the man, that he need not make a reservation in the weeks leading up to Memorial Day, as my tent sites are plentiful.

Yep, he called today to make a reservation. He retold me the same story as before and I finally managed to get the necessary information and repeat my litany of instructions. I picked up my paintbrush and was back on task when he called back. He has a dog. He thought I might want to know and what would he need to provide for the dog to stay. I assured him that we are pet friendly ........ I was just back on task when he called again to ask what to do when he got here.

I hope he doesn't need help with his tent, because I don't do that! I have come to the conclusion that he has never camped before.

I had three calls for over night stays for travelers. The first two were all checked in and I was waiting for the last one while I applied the second coat of paint. I normally close at 7:00 this time of year, but it gets dark later. I stayed in the office until 8:00 and the third over-night had still not arrived, so I locked up and came in to stroke my dogs and unwind.

I was all comfy in my recliner, dogs by my side, computer in my lap, watching TV. The phone rang. It was that third rig. Man said he was here, but did not know where to park. I told him I would be "there" in less than a minute. "Where, in the office?" asks the traveler. I answered in the affirmative and went in and unlocked the door. The parking lot was empty. Nobody out there.

I assumed he was at my competitor's park. It happens. Even though the names of the parks sound nothing alike and she is on the south side,  while I rule the north side. I tried to call him back to see if he was at the wrong park, but his phone was forwarded to voice mail. By now, I am annoyed. I am tired and want to end my day. HeWho was watching the monitor for the outside cameras and saw the big coach coming out of our private drive!

Now, this was a 42 footer and tall. There is a huge oak tree with low limbs hanging over the private drive.  The private drive has a sign, a lighted sign. Besides identifying the PRIVATE DRIVE, it also says DO NOT ENTER. The big rig is sitting there in the parking lot, facing the wrong direction. About 5 minutes go by and it starts to move, then backs up next to my car. But, nobody comes to the office.

HeWho has left to check to see if this driver has done a turn around in the open field ..... the very wet open field. Now, we don't offer curb service, but I went out to see if I could speed things along. I approached the driver's side and the man just sat there, staring at me. I really didn't cherish the thought of walking in front of the rig, but the driver seemed to be unable to open his window. I suppose he thought he could send a beam into my head and we could communicate through telepathy.

I took a chance and walked to the other side. I will confess that I considered walking behind the rig, but he still had his reverse lights on. I sort of ran in front of the rig. You will note that, HeWho is not afraid to route out the sewer line, seems to be intimidated by registering guests and often leaves me alone to take care of business.

The man in the passenger seat (I thought he was the other man's wife and was thinking that she sure did look masculine) opened the door and I asked if they planned to come in to register. "Oh, the office is closed, no one is in there." I almost said, "Just shoot me." They might have taken me literally.

At this point I wasn't even trying to hide my annoyance. I told them I had been in the office waiting since they called. I even mentioned that I had tried to call him back and that his voice mail picked up. He assured me that his voice mail was not activated! He was a little huffy about it. This did not help my attitude. I pointed out to him that there was a map on the front of the building, which he told me was confusing. It was later established that I had called the other gentleman, as he was the one who had called me and that he had accidentally turned his phone off ....

But, the thing that annoyed me the most was the fact that they had taken a check-in packet, but neglected to bring the map in and I had to use an additional map to mark their path to the assigned site. Or, it might have been. I texted HeWho abandoned me to watch the idiots and make sure they made it to the site. They did not follow my instructions! They missed the turn and had to be escorted into the site. I give very good directions! If you will just listen to me, then refer to the map on which I have HIGH-LIGHTED your path you cannot possibly get lost.

I am going to go pet all my dogs and cat.


Val said... know...both of those examples who made your day difficult were MEN! You can't expect them to know what to do! That's what women are for! AND of course they can't follow directions. That's probably why they're always so reluctant to ask for them.

But your long little doggies are SO PHOTOGENIC! Just looking at them probably caused my blood pressure to drop at least one point.

Paula Kaye said...

What a sweet picture!

dkzody said...

Here is what I think is super scary--stupid people driving those big motor homes. With just a regular driver's license. Every time I see one of those huge monstrosities on the road, I wonder at how well the driver handles such a behemoth. Then you hear about the driver being unable to maneuver through an off-road park that is specifically set up for the behemoths.