Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Christianilty = Charity?

The rain is soaking the ground and I long to go outside to play! I can't, so I am working on other things inside ...... and answering the phone.

The phone is always good for a story. Just last week HeWho loathes answering the phone got stuck on a call with a gentleman looking for a huge discount on an unlimited stay. I only heard one side of the conversation, a conversation that was rather lengthy. After a few seconds, enough to know that HeWho would not be taxed with actually making a reservation, I pretty much tuned him out and went about whatever I had been doing.

During supper I was treated to a report of the phone call. The man was looking for a long term site, but was unhappy with my rates. I shrugged  and reminded HeWho had already forgotten about the man, that we have the lowest rates in our area. A  few days later, the phone man showed up in the office. He started out by telling me that he needed a long term site and that he needed my best price. I asked a few questions about the number of people that would be staying in the camper and since it was just one, I dropped the rate by $25. Best I could do.

Unwilling to simply accept that offer and either take it or leave it, he persisted in his quest for a lower rate. Then he asked me if I was a Christian. Did not wait for an answer, just went on to tell me that he wanted to stay in a Christian establishment. He did not want to be around a bunch of smoking and drinking. Did I ever think about charity? Because I should. The phone rang and a camper pulled in simultaneously and he left.

He called again tonight. I answered the phone and was subjected to a litany of complaints about "crazy campground owners" who would rather have an empty park than let people stay here. He then offered me $175 less than my rate. I didn't accept his offer and he belittled my judgment and again asked me if I was a Christian.

He seems to equate Christianity to charity, and while charity is a big part of Christianity, it is not the total. Personally, I found the man offensive. He struck me as someone who always expected to be on the receiving end of Christian charity. I didn't bother to tell him that we do try to help people in need. I got the feeling that no matter the discount offered, it would never be enough. He would also object to being neighbors with anyone who failed to meet his criteria.

The man would not stop talking, so I handed the phone to HeWho is the OWNER, what with him being a man. He told him our park would not be a good fit and to look elsewhere. That is the edited version. 


Val said...

Whew! You dodged that long-term bullet!

ellen abbott said...

it's only charity if the recipient is in need. someone who constantly tries to get a better price is just a cheat.

luksky said...

Gotta love it when they pull the religious card. Years ago, we were in Florida and had a man rear-end us. He insisted that we just drive away and not report it since he was a "Christian" and a good man. I'm always suspicious of people who pull the race or religious card.

Debby said...

What a freeloading jerk. You did good. Hey, Jesus was NOT a doormat, and neither should we.

Anonymous said...

You should have told him that you all drink and smoke and have wild parties from Thursday to Monday. Oh, and some wife-swapping in there, too.

Linda O'Connell said...

I am all for helping people, but in this day and age, you must beware. Unfortunately you probably haven't heard the last of this guy. He sounds mentally ill, desperate and manipulative. Maybe you should have suggested he run an extension cord to the nearest church and see how receptive the Christian's there are. For him to seek a particular neighbor camper already presents an issue. Should have told him you were a party park.