Friday, March 17, 2017

Viscous Cycles

Life goes on. The new water heater was never installed. The $6 part that was replaced to regulate the pilot light, did indeed fix the problem. The newer problem was the result of someone turning the thermostat to "low". That same someone who installed the new part.

This all resulted in yet another cool shower event for the lady of the house. This time she was quite vocal about her displeasure. Upon a more thorough examination of the water heater and all it's parts ( I am seriously thinking he read the manual accompanying the appliance at this point) the thermostat setting was discovered.

The new water heater is going back to the store for a refund and all I have to say is ...... I better not have another bad shower adventure!

Feeling full of energy, I gathered all of Eddie's toys into their bin and proceeded to clean up all the bits of firewood that Eddie has been chewing on. I swept all of them up and even managed to get them into the dust pan before Eddie discovered them again and tried to redistribute them throughout the house. Our old Saint Bernard loved to chew on firewood, too. Well, Louise liked any wood she could find. She ate our coffee table.

I understand his need to chew. He is cutting his teeth. What I don't understand is his need to tip his bin over and spread his toys all over the floor, then settle on some firewood. He is his own personality, my Charming Eddie. He is quite content with his pack of dog siblings and does not try to take over, but at the same time, is not one to be run over. He allows Toni Louise to be the alpha, but refuses to share his kibble with her. She is still not all that fond of him, but will protect him from the sharp laws of Martha, the boy cat.

Eddie's paws continue to be his dominant feature. I am still hoping he does not grow big enough to actually fit them. I examine them closely, every day. Looks like they may have botched the job of removing his dew claws, as he has a tiny nail growing on the side of his left paw. I did not bring that to the vet's attention, lest the offer to complete the job came up. I personally think the removal of the dew claws is inhumane and would never have permitted it. How would you feel about having someone clip off your smallest finger with a garden tool? 

I have rested and now I can clean the rug again, as more firewood entered the house and Eddie dutifully gnawed some more and also emptied his toy bin. A viscous cycle.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Charming Eddie. He makes me smile.

Joanne Noragon said...

Our Fiona was a firewood thief, too. When my sister deprived her, Fiona took it out on the wooden frame of the back door slider. Little gap there that lets NE Ohio winters blow right on in.

Val said...

A pup's gotta do what a pup's gotta do!

Linda O'Connell said...

I would be buying a heat as you go water heater. My first dog chewed on legs: coffee table, chairs, beds etc.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Kathy. I will have to catch up with the sagas of the water heater and Eddie. The former sounds particylarly frustrating . . . . will look at your back numbers . . . :)

I still remember that famous horse race you were in, The Grand National, and the horse, Kathy's Clothesline, fell and was pegged on the line and hung out to dry . . . lol . . . so much fun . . :)