Sunday, March 5, 2017

I Was Right!

Yesterday was a balmy, fine weather day and I may have overdone it. Maybe. I cleared another garden bed and planted some more bulbs and was quite happy with my productivity.

I wish I had accomplished a lot more, but you have to ease into these things requiring physical activity after your butt has spent the winter holding a chair down.

I spent Friday purging my closet. I have empty shelves and empty drawers now. I removed a lot of stuff from the side of the closet housing the stuff of my mate. He would not know where to begin. After I had removed a good portion of stuff he has not worn in years, I asked him to take a look and remove any items he simply did not like to wear. He removed nary a piece. The man has ELEVEN sweat shirts. He sees nothing wrong with that, even though, he has never worn some of them. I told him he would be allowed THREE. We plan to live in an RV, remember?

I used the rake a lot yesterday, accompanied by lots of bending and pulling of weeds. Last night as we sat watching a movie from our free Showtime month, I complained a lot. I could have sworn my shoulder was dislocated. The pain, while not unbearable, was enough to keep me from falling to sleep later on. I took some Ibuprofen and later a shot of whiskey with some Tylenol. I finally fell into an uneasy sleep.

Late, or rather early this morning I woke suddenly when the paw of a dog poked me in the ribs. I decided to have a bathroom break and when I turned over to get up, I experienced a sudden sharp pain I in my shoulder accompanied by a loud snapping sound .... and my pain was gone.

I realized then that I was right about my shoulder!! I thought about waking HeWho sleeps so soundly to tell him that I was right about my shoulder, but decided to just go back to sleep. He had assured me that my shoulder was not dislocated, that I had just used my arms too much. Well, duh.

Thing is, not only did my shoulder hurt, but my elbow and my wrist. I couldn't even play solitaire on the computer. I was totally incapacitated as far as my right arm went. I could not navigate the internet, I tried!

I have been careful with my shoulder today. No raking or lifting. Just a lot of reading and feeling better!

As the l o n g shadows fell late yesterday. I stopped to admire my handiwork. I had acquired more weeds and brush than would fit in my receptacle.

Who knew that much debris would be in such a small garden plot? You will note that the side of the building still has the old siding and has yet to be painted. You can see how inconvenient a bum shoulder would be!!


Val said...

Dang! You are hard-core. You probably wouldn't even need a bullet to bite on if a frontier doctor had to take out your appendix!

Linda O'Connell said...

You are a hard worker. My daughter popped her dislocated jaw into place. The dentist was amazed. Your yard looks nice. 12 sweatshirts?

Joanne Noragon said...

I've had your pain in my formerly broken shoulder from overdoing. Take it easy.

Anonymous said...

You do more with one good shoulder than I do with two!