Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Flu, Round Two

It is not fair! I started feeling bad Sunday, but just thought it was the change in the weather. Monday I woke with a sore throat and hideous headache. I still have the headache. I have been dosing myself round the lock with my trio of NSAIDS. I can keep it under control and bearable, but it does not completely go away. Just like the last bout of whatever this ailment is.

New symptom has plagued me this time. My nose is running and my left eye tears constantly. It was swollen almost shut yesterday. I was unable to focus through all that water. I think a bib would have helped to catch the tears as they fell. Not to mention the drippy nose.

Today is a little better. I can actually see to read and write. I tried Dayquil, it did next to nothing. So, I sent HeWho is, no doubt, the one who brought this bug home, for some Theraflu. Same with that. I found my old go-to remedy of Benadryl and Tylenol/Aspirin/Ibuprofen every 4 hours to be the most effective at keeping the symptoms at bay.

Enough about my confinement. Eddie had his last shots today. HeWho is not sick was already gone with my little guy when I dragged myself from the bed this morning. Eddie continues growing at a rapid pace. Today he weighs 8' 14". He saw his favorite vet today, Dr. Jill and she assured HeWho was the responsible party today, that Eddie was not finished with his growing. That makes me a little sad. She took note of his big paws.

As much as I wanted another tiny doxie like my Sweet Emmy Lou, I will love Charming Eddie no matter his size. I am smitten with the little guy. Next shopping trip will be for a good collar. Adjustable, of course, but I don't think his growth spurt will balloon his neck. Oscar and Emmy wore choke chains. Emmy's was more like a necklace and would not fit Eddie. Cujo wears Oscar's old chain. I can't remember where I bought them, but I do remember that the small ones are hard to find.

The Benadryl is kicking in and I can feel things drying up in my head. Eddie and Cujo are already asleep next to me, so I suppose it is time for another "nap". I would much rather be outside .......


Debby said...

Ug, hate being sick.Hope you are feeling better soon.

Linda O'Connell said...

You probably have seasonal allergies, and being outside so much yesterday didn't help. Hope you feel better soon. Eddie boy has stolen my heart, too.

Val said...

There's definitely something in the air. I was choked up yesterday, and I've had a slight headache for two days. You, however, might have a sinus infection after your last sickness. Keep an eye on your head!

Eddie is a gift, whether in a small package or a not-so-small package.

ellen abbott said...

sorry to hear you are feeling ill again.

Stephanie Faris said...

That SUCKS! I'm so sorry. Hope it's short-lived this time. I got a sinus infection in September, then AGAIN in late December. I was so annoyed that I was getting hit with a second round of it.