Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Lottery

I promised myself that I would see the doctor today if I still felt wretched this morning. The day dawned and I woke with a pounding headache, deep cough and tight chest, wheezing for breath. I climbed into the shower to see if that would help anything. I did feel cleaner as I punched in the number to my clinic within my network, following the rules of insurance.

I am loathe to drag myself to an emergency room unless it is a true emergency. I ran my fingers through the soft fur of my Charming Eddie as I waited for the call to be answered. Apparently they only leave a few spots open for sick people and I am to call back tomorrow at 8 am and hope that I am one of the first calls. No, I could not claim a spot today.

So, here I am, the same old drugs on board that offer little relief as I cough and sneeze and ache. I don't think I am worse, but I know that I am not better. I dreamed that I had that cock-a-mamy pneumonia I keep seeing on TV. I guess we will see tomorrow. I have the clinic number all queued up for calling promptly at 8 am. Makes me think of having the radio stations number on speed dial to win tickets to a concert when I was young ..... a long time ago.

In the mean time, I had discovered that my washing machine was not obeying my demands yesterday and brought it to the attention of HeWho plumbs. "Well, you have to close the lid." says the pseudo plumber. You would think I had just started using this particular machine. The problem was that the water would turn off after just a splash unless the lid was closed. I pointed out that it would be really difficult to put the detergent and clothes in with the lid closed. "Wait til the water is done filling ...." I then pointed out that the lid LOCKED when the water stopped running.

He left to go tinker on his beloved tractor and I retired to my recliner to continue being sick. After my Theraflu kicked in. I preformed a more thorough investigation of my washer. I discovered the problem and fixed it all by myself. Someone had changed the setting to rinse and spin only. Now, if I could just fix my ailment ....

It was so nice outside. My canines frolicked in the back yard all day and I hung out laundry. The sky started to become overcast an the air was very still and calm, so I texted the tractor man and suggested that we finish putting the cover on my green house while the wind was down. He tried to suggest that I was not up to it, but I lied and said I was. You will recall that he had used his favorite tool to apply the top ..... Gorilla tape.

Beyond that I realized he had no plan for the rest of it. He wasn't really listening to any of my suggestions and I could tell his heart was not in it. He was thinking to put the front on, but I suggested we do the back and sides first. The back was going to be tricky and he grudgingly measured out the plastic and got busy with the tape and then ........ miracle of miracles, he needed to go do a cab call!

I took out the garbage and felt the first hints of rain and I am back in my chair to continue to be sick. Supposed to snow this weekend, so I might as well continue being sick. I am not looking forward to another night of coughing. Just hope I win the "see the doctor" lottery tomorrow.


Val said...

You get yourself to a doctor tomorrow!!! Even if you have to go to the ER. You should NOT spend a whole weekend sick, hoping to make the magic patient list on Monday.

Linda O'Connell said...

That upper respiratory is nothing to mess with. You need to go to doctor. Hope you get the first call in the morning.

Linda O'Connell said...

That upper respiratory is nothing to mess with. You need to go to doctor. Hope you get the first call in the morning.

Joanne Noragon said...

I hope you see the doctor tomorrow, too. Or, the ER.
I once dialed through on one of those teen age radio programs. I won--a Liberace album.