Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Chivalry Is Not Dead

The grouting is done. I had planned to do it before bed last night, but the approaching storm had my joints out of whack. As it was, I thought I would not be able to get back up from my kneeling position this morning when I made that last swipe with the sponge.

Instead of grouting, I did the dog bathing last night. It was a very wet event. Toni Louise was so happy to get a good scrubbing. She has finally learned to enjoy a good bath. I did her first because she is usually the hardest. Wall-E came next and I swear I saw that dog smirk when I lost control of the shower head and got soaked. Cujo loves a bath and is easy to do, but Eddie was not so cooperative. He can slip right through my hands when he is all soapy ...... and he did several times.

Both tasks were equally tiring. Cujo woke me around midnight and we went outside. The air was absolutely still and warm, so much so that I contemplated opening the bedroom window. I scooped him and Eddie back in the bed and was too lazy to get back up to open the window. I am so glad I didn't!

I had not even settled in good when the storm hit. The lightning lit the room up and then the thunder crashed through the house, followed with hail so loud I would have thought I was outside under the porch. Toni Louise high tailed it to the bathroom and wedged herself between the tub and toilet and refused to move all night. HeWho snores was unaware of the storm. Cujo had a bad night and was up again very two hours to go out and eat wet grass, then vomit. HeWho swears he didn't sleep well was unaware of Cujo's woes, as well.

Now, Eddie usually accompanies any one of the other dogs when they need to go out. He loves to go outside, then make me chase him to come back in. Last night he went out the first two times with Cujo, but after that he just looked at me when I got up. Growing puppies need sleep.

The temperature has dropped today and not conducive to outdoor activities. So, wouldn't you know, my computer started acting crazy. The internal mouse refused to work. So frustrating. HeWho is addicted to buying gadgets had a mouse I could use. He gallantly installed it for me .... lest I go berserk. Chivalry is not dead.

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Linda O'Connell said...

That' a whole lot of peeing and rumbling for one night. You never get a good night's sleep, do you?