Friday, February 24, 2017

Still Annoyed

I hope this will end with the week. Yes, I am still annoyed.

Yesterday I had big plans. I had planned and worked around HeWho and asked just this one thing of him. I didn't even ask when the green house would be covered ......

It has been almost two years since he decided to tile my bathroom floor. I was on a trip to see my Dad and in my absence he decided to finally pull the toilet up and tile the floor. I had asked him to pull the toilet up and told him I would lay the tile. He always had an excuse.

So, while I was gone and my oldest grandson was here, they decided it would be a nice surprise for me to come home to a tiled bathroom. I gushed lavishly and thanked them ..... and stood in the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning wondering how they managed to screw the project up as bad as they did. Looks like they started out okay. The tiles are 4" by 24". They had staggered them nicely and it looked really good ....... until about halfway.

At that point they stopped staggering and started laying tiles in a different pattern for three rows, then back to staggering again for one row. After that there seems to be a problem with the sink vanity. Looks like they cut a piece wrong and used it anyway and then just stuck pieces all willy nilly and suddenly stopped just shy of the doorway.

I spent two days carefully prying up the tiles all the way back to the last row of properly staggered tiles. I specifically asked if HeWho thinks power tools will most likely kill women, would cut the tiles for me. He assured me that he would be happy to. He was unable to do it the previous day, because he was tinkering with his tractor. I noticed the tractor was still sitting in the middle of the parking lot where it suddenly died the night before.

It had to be pulled back to the barn. Then he had to go have his hearing aids adjusted. And this was after the trip to McDonalds for his breakfast, then a trip to the bank. Really, why could he not have accomplished all of this in the same trip? Finally he was ready to help me.

I carefully measured the first cuts I would need. Another trip to the hardware store was necessary to get the blades. Upon his return, I waited patiently for those first two cuts before mixing the thin set. For some reason, he thought he was done. I quickly tried to bring him back to task. I gave him the next two cuts and started laying tile. He seemed to be taking forever, but what do I know, I am not allowed to used power tools.

I sensed his annoyance as the project continued. But I was determined to finish. It was only half the floor area and I wanted to grout it today and be done with that task. The cuts started being not quite right and on a couple that were in corners, I actually tapped them in with a hammer.

So, you might be wondering if the floor is completely tiled. It is not. One last piece needs to be cut in the doorway. He says he broke all three blades trying to get that last piece just right.

It is amazing to me that he did not make another trip to get another blade, but he just sort of dismissed me and went on about his business. Am I annoyed? Yes, I am.

Maybe I should start supper and just turn everything off about halfway done. That won't work, he will just go get Chinese take-out.


Val said...

Maybe he went and had his hearing aids turned DOWN!

ellen abbott said...

sounds like you need to learn how to use that tile saw.

Linda O'Connell said...

Oh my goodness that last paragraph made me laugh. You might just try that, hold his dinner hostage until he fixes the tile. And I can only imagine the characters you encountered in the hospital. It was a zoo the other day.

Cathy Swift said...

I can so identify with all of this , but take it from a 70 year old great gramma , power tools are FUN .

Stephanie Faris said...

LOL, yes that could be frustrating. It feels like any home improvement project comes with about 900 roadblocks. Why can't things ever go smoothly?