Monday, February 20, 2017

Annoyances and Wind

It is probably safe to say what inspired me to make this sign. No, it was not HeWho annoys me.

Yesterday while the weather was as near perfect as could be, I implored him to put the plastic sheeting on my green house. Not that I was not available to help and would do it myself, but it is a two man job. I would have put down anything I was working on, to assist, but HeWho thinks himself to be wise decided that since he would have some help today, it could wait.

When will he learn? I knew that today, the temperature was supposed to start to drop, but more important than that, high gusty winds were in the forecast. Not only did the forecast tell me, my bones were telling me, as well. HeWho broke his knee last year was also complaining last night that his bones were aching.

The green house remains uncovered, just a frame with a top of clear plastic ....... applied with gorilla tape. Not exactly what I had in mind. The wind that funnels along I-70 is legendary in the Spring and Fall. It will pick up the heavy rockers on the front porch and move them from one end to the other. It has only taken 10 years to convince HeWho builds stuff that the gates and doors of any structure should always face north or south. The first enclosure around the pool pump was lifted and taken away, despite the anchors and the cinder blocks holding it. The door was facing east.

Our backyard fence was always blowing down. Because the double wide gate was facing east. When we repaired and reset the fence, his solution was to eliminate the gate entirely. Only access was through a shed, or out the back door. I finally got a gate facing north just last year.

So, I had cautioned him about the green house, telling him that we should build a heavy foundation to eliminate the possibility of the structure heading to Kansas with all my seedlings in tow. He cut some wooden pallets to use as shelves and attached them to the sides. It is now bottom heavy. And the "door" is facing north. But, today, as I was gathering containers of screws and the battery charger for the drill, and all the hand tools he had left out (rain is coming, you know), the wind gave a great gust and lifted the frame by the "roof" that is attached with gorilla tape.

I grabbed the frame and added a considerable amount of weight, while I inched over a cinder block with my foot. I put some more cinder blocks on the bottom of the frame. I had told him this would happen with his makeshift "roof".

So, I am more than a little annoyed. The wind has sent me indoors to do other things. I was in the kitchen, baking a cake with an almost expired mix, to which I was adding an almost expired package of coconut cream pudding. I had just put some paint on a sign I was making at the table, letting it dry while I was mixing the cake and throwing a load of laundry in the washer. The dogs were perfectly happy in the back yard (except for Toni Louise, she knows a storm is brewing and she is already in her safe place). HeWho still thinks he can unfurl that plastic in the wind and secure it to the frame comes in to refill his giant mug of Diet Coke.

He manages to block my access to the refrigerator to get the eggs for the cake, then he decides the dogs need to be inside and continues to hold me captive in the kitchen corner while he kneels down to watch Eddie eat and talk to him. When he finally decides to exit my area, he turns off the lights over the table. I am really annoyed now. He will come in all the time and turn on lights and the TV, then walk out and not turn anything off! So, why does he need to turn off a light I am using?

I have no idea what task he is now performing outside. I just hope he stays out there until dark! By then I should be in a better frame of mind, well, unless I look out to see the frame of my green house float by.


Joanne Noragon said...

Meteorology 101: weather moves from west to east. Even numbered interstates move east to west (or vice versa). I70 is trouble waiting to happen.

Val said...

HeWho is gettin' sassy, now that he has those new over-the-calf socks and hearing aids!

Paula Kaye said...

Love it!!

Linda O'Connell said...

And you are considering living on a motor home? Oh my goodness, your writing is wonderful.