Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hearing and Listening

I neglected to share the story of the hearing aid procurement with the world. They are used. Found in a wrecked car. I was appalled when HeWho cannot hear presented them like a golden treasure for my approval. "Um, you are not sticking those in your ears, are you?" I asked. He looked at me and asked why that would not be okay. He promised to clean them with alcohol .......

Fortunately, our eye care giver, Barb, has moved to a larger location and leased out some space to a hearing aid provider. All she needs now is a dentist and they could call the business "The Head Shop". I do realize that would be confusing on so many levels. The name shall remain "Here's Two Eyes" in Troy, Missouri. You will be able to see and hear after you go there. HeWho needed new glasses needed to pick them up and while there he visited the hearing aid office.

For less than $200, she reprogrammed the device to fit his needs and re-outfitted the tubing and the part that actually goes in your ear. I feel so much better about them now. I am not all that keen on used appliances that fit into any part of my body. Like used dentures? I won't add any more examples, just use your own imagination.

Now that I have totally grossed everyone out ..... I am happy to report that we can now watch TV without having the volume loud enough for the entire park to hear. So, he can see better and he can hear better, but this does not mean that he can LISTEN better.

Our toaster is on it's last leg. The middle element is no longer working and you have to flip your toast. So, just like I did when faced with replacing my hand mixer, I did a little research. I found a toaster oven/toaster combination that is nice and compact and mentioned that I wanted to order it. It comes in red and in black. While I would prefer the black, I will settle for the red, because it was $20 cheaper. I also ordered the stand mixer with the detachable hand mixer. If we are going to live in the motorhome, we should definitely get multi-use appliances that take up as little space as possible.

I said all this to HeWho can hear just the other day. Today, he went to Walmart to get drinking water and some kind of something having to do with the engine of his vehicle. He told me and I just realized that I also have selective hearing, because I did not pay attention to what he said. This is a sad revelation, the fact that I also have faults ........ But, getting back to HeWho has far more faults that I .....

While at Walmart he bought something for me. He thought I would be thrilled that he had paid attention to me and that I would not have to worry about getting a new toaster to replace the old one. He was close, really close. It is red and it toasts bread. But for only $5 more, I think we can wait for the combination toaster oven/toaster.


Val said...

At least HeWho was thinking of you! You can't expect selflessness AND common sense.

I can't remember the last time Hick brought me something. Unless it was for a holiday, in which case he felt obligated, lest I reveal his thoughtlessness on my blog.

Linda O'Connell said...

And you know, they mean well, they do. Mine has hearing aids but never listens to me. "That apple turnover is too hot to eat!" He burned his tongue as I kep wagging mine about how he never listens to his wife.