Saturday, February 11, 2017

Liitle Dog, Big Feet

Feeling so much better! I still have a lingering cough, but the headache is gone. Back to normal life. Well, as normal as my life can get.

Charming Eddie was due for a booster and vet check. His appointment was last Thursday, at the height of the illness. We had to reschedule and Eddie and I went off to see the vet yesterday. As soon as I tried to put his harness an leash on, I knew two things:
1. Eddie was growing fast. The harness barely made it around his chest. Last time he wore it, it was loose.
2. Eddie was not happy about a trip. He started to bark and whine and "talk" to me.

HeWho tows was not going with us. Eddie and I were on our own and he was not at all happy about it. He refused to stay in his seat and kept climbing into my lap and up to my face. I finally had to put him in the floor and make him stay there. He cried and howled at me for 25 miles. It was a most unpleasant ride. I haven't had to use the kennel with him, but next time he will find his little self safely confined in a kennel for the ride.

As soon as I stopped the car, Eddie shut up. I took him for a walk before we went inside the clinic. I was supposed to bring along a "specimen" to be examined for worms, but Eddie had refused to provide one. I was hoping it would be forthcoming on our little walk there in the grass near the clinic. Eddie sat down there in the grass and refused to move. I gave a little tug on the leash and he stubbornly sat, staring at me in defiance. Did he really think he could better me? All I had to do was bend over and scoop him up.

As soon as we entered the clinic, his little tail began wagging and he greeted the receptionist like she was an old friend. He offered up puppy kisses to his adoring audience and sat politely in my lap while we waited our turn. He knew exactly what he was doing! He was as happy in the exam room to get weighed, but when the tech extracted his specimen, he was indignant! He was more than happy to be back in my arms after that little ordeal. Teach him to let me in on his hiding places in the yard!

So, last time we found ourselves in the vet clinic, my little guy weighed 4 lbs. 4 oz. I was amazed to find that he now weighs 6 lbs. 14 oz. He grew a lot in only 4 weeks. Made me a little sad. Especially since his attitude seems to be growing just as fast! I did mention the big feet to the vet. Eddie's feet are bigger than any of my other dogs. If he grows into his feet, he will be BIG. The vet assured me that he just had big feet, he will be a little guy, low to the ground with big feet.

Our ride home was subdued. Eddie drank a little water, then went to sleep for the trip home. I suppose he was worn out after his display of attitude, along with the indignities he suffered at the hand of the vet. He was given a tasty treat and tricked by a shot that happened while he was chowing down.

Life with Eddie. It is amazing how quickly Eddie has asserted his little self into our lives. He is an accepted member of the pack now. Toni Louise is still not happy about it, but as long as she can monopolize HeWho loves her most, she is okay with sharing my affections with the rest of the animals.

I am sitting here, scrunched into my recliner with three dogs. Cujo and Wall-E are stacked next to me on my left and Eddie is laying alongside my legs. All three are sleeping. Dogs sleep a lot, you know.  On my right side is a book case that holds my lap top when not in use. The bottom shelf belongs to Toni Louise. I put an old dresser drawer there. Fits perfectly. Inside is an old comforter that she fancies. I can reach down and give her a pat on the head every now and again. She is quite content with that and very happy that little Eddie's legs are not long enough to access her bed. She will occasionally share her lodgings with Martha, the boy cat. Probably because he out weighs her and has sharp claws.

My coffee cup is empty and the sun shines brightly. Rumors of a warm day have me ready for some out door chores. The dogs will be laying in the sun and I will be (fingers crossed) getting my green house covered and set up for seedlings.


Joanne Noragon said...

A pound a week, just like kittens. Babies will be babies.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to know you are feeling better. And that Charming Eddie is growing. That's what small critters of all sorts do when loved and fed well.

Paula Kaye said...

I am most glad that you are feeling better! This was a delightful story of Eddie! I had no idea they extracted specimens at the vet! OMG!!

Linda O'Connell said...

Hearing about Eddie is like reading a fun book. Glad you're feeling better.

Linda O'Connell said...

Hearing about Eddie is like reading a fun book. Glad you're feeling better.

Val said...

Glad you're on the mend! I think Eddie and his big feet might be vying for Top Dog status when he matures. He's already getting the adolescent attitude.