Thursday, February 23, 2017

Annoyed Yet Again

You will recall, if you read this at all, that HeWho swigs Diet Coke all day long used to favor a huge Bubba Mug. Made of plastic and insulated, it would keep his disgusting favorite drink cold all day long. Unbreakable, it would bounce when it fell off the mower or the tractor or the golf cart. Remember, he does not walk anywhere.

The screw on lid would break from time to time and the handle was always breaking. I think at one time he about 6 of these vessels in various states of disrepair. He would pair them up with mismatched lids and I am sure he would have used gorilla tape to re-affix the handles had I not tossed them. The inside of the cup was always clean and I tried to keep the outside clean. This is not the actual Bubba mug, but they are about this size. I have disposed of all the green, black, and turquoise mugs and lids.

I employed the use of bleach and Mr. Clean's magic eraser. But, the cups always looked nasty. He would even carry them into places that served food unless I caught him first. People would comment about the appearance of his bubba mug, which I took as a personal affront about my cleaning abilities.

He had his eye on the Yeti stainless steel cups, but I think he was afraid to buy one, lest I discover the cost. He was right about that. So, when he discovered the Ozark stainless steel at Walmart, he purchased two. Now, I was perfectly happy with my cheap double walled plastic cup with a lid and matching straw, It was about this time that my wisdom tooth was crying out to leave my mouth. I am almost certain that he bought both cups for himself and decided to give one to me because it had no straw. Nobody wants dry sockets.

I liked the cup. It really did retain the cold temperature and stainless steel does not stain. I accepted my gift of a cup reluctantly. They were exactly alike and I was worried about mix-ups. I don't care for drinking after others. It happened, of course. He would misplace his cup and dump the contents of mine and fill it with Diet Coke and go about his business, When questioned, he would always say, "Oh, I thought it was mine."

This caused me to take action. I grabbed a can of "watermelon" spray paint and painted my cup. Watermelon is hot pink. I figured that would solve the situation. It did, too. He could easily see that the PINK cup was mine and his was silver. Not too long after that he discovered an even bigger Ozark cup and purchased it. So, now, his cup was larger AND a different color.

With all this in mind, imagine my surprise when I picked up my PINK cup that held peach tea I had been sipping all afternoon and took a swallow of peach tea that had been topped off with diet coke!

I was sitting in my recliner, covered in dogs and had no choice but to swallow. It was so disgusting. I sat there wondering what had happened to my tea. I looked across the room at HeWho had annoyed me all day long. "Did you put your nasty Diet Coke in my cup?" He confessed that he did, saying the now famous words 'I thought it was mine'.  "Did you not notice the color and the size of the cup, that would have been a clue!"

He just told me that he was sorry. Given the fact that he had his cup next to him, I knew he had discovered his mistake. I knew he had taken a gulp, putting his cigarette lips on my lid. You would have thought he would pour the contents of my cup out and washed\ the lid. That's what I would have done, but, no, he let me think it was safe to assume that my cup still held my tea that I had been enjoying all day. This just wrong!

I continue to be annoyed.


Joanne Noragon said...

The big one, for sure. Immoral.

Paula Kaye said...

I really have to admit that this made me laugh. I can really tell he annoys you!!

Val said...

Ooh! That watermelon cup is SWEET! Of course HeWho knew it was not his! But he didn't care. What could you do to him besides yell at him? I know how HeWho thinks. I have one just like him!

I had my supper all plated one night, and set out on my special tray that I use if I go downstairs. And STILL Hick took mine. As if I had prepared his plate for him. Like he was a child. Just because he acts like one doesn't mean he can enjoy the perks.

luksky said...

Oh, the joys of marriage.