Saturday, February 25, 2017

Camping Season is Coming

It is Saturday. Tomorrow will begin a brand new week. It has to be better than this one.

So, are you wondering if I am still annoyed?  Why, yes, yes I am. At everything. It is like the entire universe has conspired to just plain pi$$ me off. Thinking back on the week, I realize that part of the problem is not enough sleep. I am tired when I arise and any efforts to crawl back in the bed for more sleep is useless. I might sleep for another hour or two, but I dream crazy, vivid dreams that leave me feeling unsettled all day long.

I have trouble falling to sleep and when I finally do, my canine family is loathe to let me sleep for an appropriate amount of time. Wall-E has been the culprit lately. He will jump down and awaken Eddie and Cujo. I will take them all out, except Toni Louise. She is happy to wait for daylight. When we get to the door, Wall-E refuses to go out with the other two. He runs back to the bedroom and hides. The little guys are more than happy to get back in bed with me. Cujo snuggles under the covers and molds his body next to mine. Eddie prefers to be atop the covers and will curl his little self right under my chin and sometimes drape his head over my neck.

Wall-E has to be hunted and then heaved into the bed ..... none too gently. Toni Louise awakens every morning at 7:30, a proper time to be dragged from my bed and then while they all out taking care of business, I take care of my own business. This is when I find exactly where Wall-E has chosen to relieve himself in the dark hours of the morning. Looks like he had hiked his leg and aimed at the towel hanging on the holder. It was the towel of HeWho sleeps soundly. This makes me ponder the dog's punishment. Leaves me wondering if I should replace that towel or leave it for HeWho uses it twice to discover.

Almost like having an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. I left the towel. Decided I should get out of here for awhile. It is time for a big trip to the grocery and the puppy chow is low. I showered and then relented and tossed his towel in the laundry. Dressed and got ready to head out to stock the pantry. I was feeling almost human.

Was. I could not find my keys. I looked everywhere beginning with my purse. I checked my coat pockets and all of my pants pockets. I checked on the floor under the key holder. I checked the washer and the dryer and I checked the vehicle. I was so irritated. I sat down to check my e-mail (um, no, not for the keys) and regroup. The phone rang as I was trying to remember what I was wearing last time I drove my car.

I should probably leave you here, and not make this post so long. Unlike Hillbilly Mom, I can't stop. It is just too good to leave for another day. I answer with my usual business voice, hiding my irritation. I note that it is a local call and figure I am in for a treat. I was not disappointed.

"Kan-Do Kampground, how can I help you?" I say into the phone. The connection is not a good one, static interferes. "Do you got somebody by the name of Joe Blow stayin' out there at your place?" I ask her to repeat the last name, not recognizing the first name and not hearing clearly. She repeats it and I tell her that I have no one by that name staying here. "Well, my granddaughter stayed out there for a week in his camper and she come back eat up with bed bug bites! I just want you to know that you got bed bugs at your place!" I inform her once again that I have no tenant with that name and she says, "Well, I guess we won't do nothin' about it then!"

Yes, my long days of isolation are nearing an end. Camping season is just around the corner. Eddie and all his charm will take a back seat to the stories of campers. I will miss the endless days of winter, my feet under a blanket in my recliner, dogs all over me.


Anonymous said...

It's that old Proverb, "Trump Trumps"!

Hillbilly Mom said...

It's not so much that I have the DISCIPLINE to stop...I just grew bored with my long-winded tale!

I am shocked (not really, considering the kind of people you attract) that this phone woman believed YOU were responsible for any bedbugs found in a person's camper! Like people pull in, and as soon as they open their door, a line of bedbugs marches in like army ants.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Anonymous: What?

Stephanie Faris said...

Summer isn't all that different for me--I still spend a lot of time snuggled with my dog! It's been such a mild winter, I'm actually dreading the 100-degree temperatures. But your post reminded me what I'd be giving up if I gave into my husband's request to get another dog. One dog is plenty!!!

ellen abbott said...

and it would be your fault that one of your campers has bed bugs in their trailer?

Linda O'Connell said...

Some real wing dings like to camp. I think I've met every kind.