Monday, February 6, 2017

A Week to Ten Days

What is that old adage about how long a cold will last? A week to 10 days, I think. If that holds true, I am nearer to the end. It all started last Monday, and since I am still feeling poorly, I can only assume that I got the 10 day version. Lucky me.

I do feel better today, but still dealing with the watery, itchy eyes. My nose is still a little drippy, but so much less than yesterday. I find it ironic that I am experiencing the symptoms usually associated with the beginning of a cold now. I started with the deep chest rattling cough that is usually the end of a cold. I am still sleeping in fits and starts, but this morning when I looked in the mirror, I recognized the person I was before the attack of the cold virus.

I even ventured outside today! I took the garbage out to the dumpster, then I rested. HeWho was trying to be nice, brought some food home to eat. Nothing sounds good, or even tastes good. He went to the local grocery and returned with some chicken tenders and other stuff. There was a biscuit included, not very fresh ...... but the chicken wasn't either. The potato "logs" were cold. Now, one can eat cold fried chicken, but not potatoes. Well. I can't.

As you can guess, there isn't much to choose from in the way of take out food around here. But, having recharged my energy levels, I decided to tackle a most distasteful task. My yard was long overdue for a poop pick up. I figured I might as well get it done before it rains, and my sense of smell isn't working at full power. I shouldn't be so proud of my sniffing acumen, but I can distinguish the puppy poop from the adult dog poop just by smell. Not everyone has that particular skill! I am blessed.

After the poop patrol, I noticed that the wagon holding the results of the last patrol still sat waiting along with some other debris in the wagon in the back yard. I had asked someone to take it to the dumpster as I was beginning my adventure into illness. To be fair, he did get sick, too. He got better a lot quicker, though. But, he was splitting firewood, so I bit the bullet and rolled all the crap to the dumpster.

I am exhausted! My eyes keep leaking tears and the skin around my eyes is red and swollen. If HeWho thinks he knows everything, suggests eye drops to me one more time, I am going to gather up the strength to hit him! The drops he keeps offering are for dry eyes. It helps make the eyes produce more tears, and I don't need more tears!

No more tears! My little canine friends will be at a loss when I start doing my normal activities again. I can only hope that one of the older dogs have advised Eddie that I will not be holding him all day long forever. Eddie is growing, as puppies seem to do at an alarming rate. His body is getting longer, as well as his snout. His fur is not going to be very long, though. Emmy's was longer and her feet were tiny and delicate. Eddie's feet are huge! they are bigger than Cujo's and there is nothing delicate about him. I tried to get a picture of his foot next to Cujo's foot, but for some reason known only to them, they would not cooperate.

I have one more swig of cough syrup and not sure if I will even need it tonight. Fingers crossed for a "normal" night!


Val said...

Will the teary eyes add to Toni Louise's eyeball-sniffing enjoyment? Glad you are feeling a little better. Congrats on your poop-sniffing abilities. You must be some kind of royalty, like that princess with the pea.

Anonymous said...

You worry me. This is a very long time to be so sick. A friend of mine who was sick at Christmas with a similar sounding ailment as yours called me yesterday. The dr finally ordered a bunch of tests only to find her heart was about to give out. She is having heart surgery as I type this. Please consider seeing the dr about this. Women's heart symptoms are much different than men's.

Paula Kaye said...

Hope you are soon on the mend!!