Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Paw Prints On My Heart

Although the wind is no longer an issue, the green house is still naked. It is supposed to be a calm day today, so maybe ..........

In the meantime, everything is wet and the wood pile grows larger. We always have trees down after a good storm. I was meandering through the wood pile when I noticed the hollow stump. I claimed it. I will move it to ..... somewhere and fill it with petunias and sweet potato vine. I see two!

All this will eventually find it's way into a fire pit. I am happy to be outside preparing all my gardens. I hear a cold front is headed my way, but I have prepared most of my beds in the front of the park. Today I hope to tackle some of the gardens on sites that are not occupied by those inclined to tend the beds.

I really need to clean my humble abode, but I would always rather be playing in the dirt and I can vacuum when it is too cold to venture out!

So, here we are, me and my canine gang, sipping coffee and catching up on e-mail and such. Eddie is a curious little guy. He likes to perch in the crook of my elbow and watch me type. He also likes to watch TV, like Toni Louise. The other two will only respond to sounds from the TV, but Toni and Eddie like to watch. He has been watching me type for awhile and would seem to be fascinated with the process.

Yesterday, I set my laptop on the floor in front of my chair so that I could let the dogs in. I stopped in the laundry room and grabbed some towels to fold. When I returned to my forgotten laptop, Eddie was gleefully pounding on the keyboard with his big paws. It is really hard to get mad at him, he is just so cute. I will have to be more careful in the future.

Eddies paws concern me. They are really big in proportion to his body. I even mentioned them to the vet. They are much bigger than Cujo's paws and he is full grown. If his feet are any indication of his adult size, he will be a Basset Hound! He is already 7 lbs. and he is supposed to be a mini. That should be his adult weight! Only time will tell.

No matter, I will love him anyway. I see stories all the time about people abandoning their pets when they aren't perfect. Sometimes it is the imperfection that I love the most. Maybe Eddie will be a little guy with huge feet. His paw prints are already on my heart.


Paula Kaye said...

Oh yes! Digging in the dirt is always better than house cleaning!! Have fun!

Joanne Noragon said...

I once had a cat with abnormally large feet. He came that way, as a kitten. Fortunately he did not grow into them. We called him BoomBoom, because things shook when he walked.

Val said...

Jack has paws the size of Juno's and she is four times as big. So maybe Eddie is just going to be a really, really good digger. Or keyboard typer.

Linda O'Connell said...

ha ha typing at the keyboard. That dog is an observer and may imitate more than typing. Watch out. Your big-footed is a heart stealer, for sure.