Saturday, July 23, 2016

RV There Yet??

I have not had an earache since I was a young child. I remember just sitting and crying and rocking back and forth. This is acceptable behavior for a toddler, not so much for an almost 63 year old woman.

I am absolutely miserable and this is day 4 with antibiotics. I cannot hear out of my right ear. The drops do not offer any relief and I just want to sit and rock and cry. But I must suck it up and check in campers whether I can hear them or not. Three more hours here.

It is even hard to listen to audio books! The one I am listening to now is set in London and the narrator is very British. I am saying things like "bloody hell" to my husband. He rarely hears me and I have taken to texting him, even when I am sitting next to him. He hears things that I didn't say. It does make life interesting.

Life goes on even if your ear hurts.

The birds are back to nest again. Their Spring babies have learned to fly. HeWho took the nest down and now they are mad. Since I took this picture, they have built another nest INSIDE the porch. It is huge and encompasses one of my windchimes. Thanks a lot HeWho takes away nests!

This may be one of my favorite signs thus far. It is small .... note the sunglasses above it. I am working on another one today that says, "all who wander are not lost". This does not require the ability to hear.

My equilibrium is off. I walk like a drunken driver swerving all over the place. Accidentally stepped on the cat's tail. I would feel bad about it, if he didn't take so much pleasure in clawing me as I walk by the chair he is hiding in.

Time for another dose of antibiotics and Tylenol.


Joanne Noragon said...

I am so sorry. I hope the ear ache passes soon.

Anonymous said...

Ear problems are so miserable. I had one a few years ago that lasted for months. Then, just when I thought we were finished clearing up the mildew, the ear doc realized I had water on the eardrum and gave me a hefty dose of prednisone. Never had the stuff before; he gave me way too much for my virgin drug system and it made me crazy. Beware the prednisone, should it come to that.

Val said...

Love the sign!

I know you didn't ask for a second opinion from Dr. Val...but it's free! Usually, the doc says to let them know if you aren't better within two days of starting the antibiotic. My son had an ear infection when he was a toddler that they tried 4 or 5 antibiotics on with no success. He ended up with partial hearing loss in that ear. The only way we got rid of it was when the allergist looked in his ear and prescribed an antihistamine. Dried it out and got rid of the infection as well.

Maybe you need a different antibiotic.

Linda O'Connell said...

You need a stronger antibiotic. Happened to my hubby when he got pneumonia. Nothing to mess around with. Your sign is cute. You should mass produce them and sell them to campgrounds. Bet you'd sell a lot.

ellen abbott said...

find a good chiropractor, not just a bone cracker but someone who is a proponent of holistic health. it can help the earache. a woman I knew had two kids, the older child had recurrent earaches and as doctors will, the MD wanted to put tubes in the child's ears. I recommended my chiropractor but she felt like she had done everything right, second opinion, and the surgery was already scheduled. totally traumatic and unnecessary invasion. when her younger child started have ear aches and the MD wanted to put tubes in his ears, she took him to my chiropractor and with just a few adjustments, the earaches cleared up. took the kid back to the MD for reassurance and the MD was amazed and mystified that the child's earaches were gone. I know a lot of people think chiropractors are quacks but if your skeletal system and electrical system are out of whack, problems ensue.