Sunday, July 10, 2016

Just Another Holiday Weekened

Okay, besides all the weather problems that plagued the holiday weekend, you had to know that I did not escape an incident of questionable circumstance. See the boulder? See where the boulder used to be?

After getting nearly 6 inches of rain during the weekend, July 4th dawned bright and sunny. I was roused by the wet nose of a dachshund on my neck at 5:30 am (Mommy, Mommy, the sun is up, the sun is up!!). After releasing the hound(s) and then making them come back in, I took to my recliner for a morning chair nap. This involved the drying of hound feet and legs before tucking the little guy next to me in my recliner.

There we slept a fitful sleep until 8 am. A cup of coffee in hand I went out to view the world. I did walk around to my garden and sunk in mud in the lower spots. It very nearly sucked my flip flops from my feet! This discouraged any further adventures into the grounds.

Just as well, since I would have seen this mess. Being the end of a long weekend, I was singing my Christmas song with my own words "It's the most wonderful day of the week, all the campers are leaving and my heart is heaving a sigh of relief ..."

One of my new seasonals came in and inquired about the tire tracks in the grassy fields. What tire tracks? I got busy after that and forgot about it.

Then the campers staying closest to the site of the incident came in and gave me the rest of the story. Seems that while the lady of the manor, the sheriff of the land, lay sleeping along side her faithful companion in her recliner, a van full of ne'er do wells entered her kingdom and set about destroying the landscape.

They were seen entering the park around 7:30 am. They turned towards the tent area, then went into the grassy field and made a circle before coming across the road and hitting the boulder. Hitting the boulder so hard that they moved it with their minivan and BROKE THE WHEEL on their vehicle. They were not camping here. Had absolutely no business here and were either already intoxicated or still intoxicated from the previous night.

But, wait, it gets better. They are either living around here or know someone who does because a tractor appeared and pulled them out and down the road. Leaving chaos in their wake.

Speaking of wake. Why didn't someone wake me? Why not the cold nosed hound who knows when the sun is up? Or, maybe the yippy terrier/Chihuahua who barks at every opportunity? Or the campers who witnessed the event? They didn't want to bother me .... and yet I am so very bothered in spite of all that consideration.

I wonder just how fast the were going to push that boulder. I would really have liked to call the sheriff to remove these ne'er do wells from my property. Like I said, they have no business here. I know I could probably win a judgement against them for damages, but would never see a penny. I just want them to keep out and I want someone with some authority (dubious, though it may be) to tell them so.

People always like to tell me about some rules being broken, after the fact and after the breakers of the rules have left. I can't do anything about it after the fact; but get me while it is going on and I will treat you to a fine performance of public humiliation.


Linda O'Connell said...

You are a spit fire, and I say, Sick 'em girl! This has to be frustrating. Human behavior is disgusting sometimes.

Val said...

Karma doled out the most punishment they'll ever get from this incident. BROKEN WHEEL! Hahahahaha! That had to lift your spirits just a skosh.

carol pavlik said...

Kathy I hope I can make you feel better. You made me laugh out loud reading your archives. A post about a doctor visit and the question "do you like to dance?" I am still laughing typing this. On a day I had to go to calling hours for a relative. I can't put your boulder back, but I can thank you for the laugh.