Thursday, July 14, 2016

Another Day, Another Dollar .... or Less

It has been a strange day. The weather is downright miserable, like trying to breathe underwater. I mowed a bit this morning and was dripping with sweat when I came in. The pool is not busy. Just enough traffic to annoy me.

One family came in and then decided to take showers and blow dry their hair, etc. The teen was in the men's room for over 30 minutes. The sewer main that leads to the other bath house is being replaced today, which means this kid tied up the one and only restroom in the park .......

While this was happening I was trying to leave the office to take a "Y" to put on a hydrant. We have 4 sites that share. We inherited this and no matter how hard we try, we can't seem to keep the "Y"'s on the hydrants. We would have to excavate the area to put in single hydrants and these are the sites that lend them selves to easy in and easy out for over night guests. Year round. There really is no good time to get this job done and it does not affect the water pressure in the least. Way low on the priority list.

I am willing to swear to the fact that the "Y" was in place when I checked in the camper on Tuesday that is still there. Perhaps he thought it was a gift .... like chocolates on a pillow. No wonder I have a headache.

I just checked in a young man with a little girl of about 4 years old. The hair on my neck is still alert. Something squirrely about the guy. He has a full "grill" of metal on his front teeth and prison tattoos on his hands. The child seems okay with him, but he still gave me the creeps.

I hear thunder now and am hoping it is just thunder, we don't need another downpour. A nap would be nice, if only to ease the headache. The headache that has lingered now for over two weeks. Maybe I should see a doctor?


Val said...

You really should see a doctor about that headache. Even though you might have had customer headaches every day for two weeks.

Linda O'Connell said...

How can you get rid of that headache with all the headache creators?