Sunday, July 24, 2016

Do Ticks Lay Eggs?

Today IS Sunday and I did get to close early. I even got a break midday from HeWho, with instructions to go take a nap. I did not nap, though. I discovered that Oscar, the old dog had vomited in my bed. I changed the bed and washed sheets instead.

About 2:30 am I plundered through all the medicine bottles until I found the lone Tramadol hiding in the bottom of the basket of pill bottles. I swallowed it and went back to bed. I was oblivious until nearly 10:00 am.

 My ear is driving me crazy. I cannot hear and it is my right ear, the phone answering ear. I forget and answer the phone and think I have a bad connection. I have taken the antibiotic religiously and put the wax removing drops in as instructed. I used a syringe for injecting turkeys and irrigated my ear with water and peroxide several times yesterday.

The ear is still blocked. A camper checking in today told me that she had had the same problem and when they finally got the blockage out, it was a tick!

Now, that is all I can think about. In my mind I see a big tick attached to my eardrum surrounded in wax. It is not remarkable to imagine a tick. I have been working in gardens with overgrown shrubs and cutting them back. I find ticks on me all the time.

I am going to the clinic tomorrow and make them dig this blockage out of my ear. I will hunt for something to help me sleep tonight. Remember that movie about the earwig that was in the man's ear and was driving him crazy? It finally comes out and he is told that it was a female and had probably laid eggs ...... Do ticks lay eggs????


Joanne Noragon said...

It didn't occur to me it could be a foreign body. They can get that plug out; don't leave until they do.

Val said...


Can't wait to find out how this resolves. I think.

ellen abbott said...

I don't understand why they didn't get the wax blockage out when you went the first time and they determined what it was. they have tools for that.