Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Refunds and Fences

Just as I thought would happen, the tent people of yesterday tried to wrangle a refund. The older gentleman brought back the horse shoes they had checked out and proceeded to enlighten me about his daily schedule. Said he and his wife would not be staying the night. Seems he did not enjoy his rustic camping experience, said they were too old. He waited expectantly as he thought I was processing that information. I did not offer the expected refund of a whopping $6.

The rain subsided and I proceeded to mow the area around the pool. That grass has lots of clover growing in it and that draws bees. Don't want bees lingering round the pool area and be tempted to sting the swimmers. The older couple were sitting on the pavilion, watching the three children swim, giving me the stink eye. Whenever I made a pass with the mower near them, the woman threw her arms up and around her head. I ignored them and kept on until I finished my task.

I was in and out all day, since the rain of the early morning had discouraged most swimmers. I kept an eye on the tent area and noted that the older couple did not leave until after 4:30. Since they had arrived at 8:00 am the previous day, I did not feel they were owed a refund. Check out is noon, after all. The younger man came in the office around 6 and complained to me that his "people" ran out on him after he had paid for them to stay. I made eye contact and held it. HeWho tells me this is intimidating. I was daring him to ask for the refund in my mind and I must have conveyed that in my eyes, because he simply left the office.

I was kind of disappointed. We all know I like to teach and I had planned a lesson for him. I was all ready to deliver this lesson when he escaped. Later that evening, my work camper reported on the condition of the bathrooms. Toothpaste on the walls, along with a really nasty toilet. They left this morning while I slept.

I slept until 10:20! I was totally unaware of rain falling while I lay nestled with two dogs at my side. The other two were outside and the responsibility of HeWho thinks they can fend for themselves. The rain had passed by the time I awoke and ventured out. I picked some asparagus and one purple pole bean and came in for coffee. Only one group of swimmers showed up, so I went out to trim some branches and do a little weeding in another flower garden.

Suddenly the sky grew dark and I felt a drop or two hit my arm. I was weeding around my maple tree and was determined to finish that one patch. The wind picked up and the sky opened. It rained so hard it felt like needles stinging my bare arms. I ran for cover and peeked out my bedroom window to see that my makeshift lattice fence I erected for my pole beans was down again. I really do not want to ask HeWho for help. He will feel the need to go the lumber supply store and the hardware store several times to accomplish the fence and the beans will have yielded their crop and be dead by the time he finishes. I need only to hi-jack that chop saw and I know where some 2X2's lay idle. I can do this myself as soon as the rain stops and be done before the sun goes down. Just have to wait for HeWho to go on one of his missions into town or for a tow. My vines are already twining on the lattice and it will have to be done in place. HeWho would have me rip those vines away so that he could "do it right".

Now as the rain falls gently I think I will cook our supper and get that out of the way.


Joanne Noragon said...

Eye contact is so compelling. I start young.

Val said...

Dang it! I wanted him to have his lesson, too!