Friday, July 29, 2016

Printers Come and Printers Go, Only The Ink Remains

When I woke this morning I could hear. Wouldn't you know it, now that I have an appointment. I am still going. My ear still feels wonky. Yesterday if I cupped my hand over my ear I couldn't hear the ocean, but it did sound like road noise. And, if I pressed my ear in just the right place, it sounded like an ultrasound.

Enough about my ear, let's talk about printers. Being the wife of HeWho loves new gadgets is not for someone who likes order in their life. We had a printer/fax machine when we moved here 12 years ago. It was big and bulky. Took up a lot of space ...... but it got the job done. I was quite content with it, until it was struck by lightning. Or, that is what HeWho is wise about such matters told me. For whatever reason the faxing of documents was no longer an option. Printer still worked and I wasn't all that keen about having the ability to fax documents for others. One customer asked if he could receive a fax once and it was the closing of a house!! Sucked down the ink and paper, then he wished to sign it and fax it back!

The lack of a means to fax was monumental in the eyes of HeWho rarely needs to fax anything. The search was on and he came home with a newer sleeker model, took up less space. He pointed this out, knowing that was his only selling point that I would be remotely interested in. Life went on and the printer was used a lot and the fax was used only occasionally.

Lightning struck twice, according to HeWho loves a fax machine. This time I convinced him that all that was necessary was a printer. He did some research and decided upon a Kodak printer because the ink was so much cheaper. He extolled the virtues of the ink all the way home. We were going to save so much money. We didn't. The ink itself may be cheaper, but it uses twice as much.

After many runs to buy ink, I was not surprised when he came home with yet another printer. This was an HP. I don't even remember why it was no longer suitable for our needs, all I know is that we have lots of ink for all kinds of printers in our possession, some brand and some after market.

The printer that ousted the HP was an Epson. worked just fine, still does. Or, it would if I put a black ink cartridge in. Problem is that according to HeWho purchased the printer, you can only buy the ink in a package with all the colors. I don't mind printing in color, but all the colors must have ink in them to print at all. I think most printers are like that. HeWho is allowed to escape frequently from the premises (unlike me) was alerted to the need for ink.

He came home with Epson 200, instead of 220. He OPENED the package before he checked to make sure he had the right one. I was not happy. Ink is expensive, you know. So, as he left on a mission to Sam's for chlorine and other items, I reminded him to get some ink.

Are you all way ahead of me? The new printer is a Brother and uses none of our cache of printer ink.


Joanne Noragon said...

I feel your pain. The reason printer/copier/scanner/fax machines currently sell for about $99 is because the ink is so expensive. My mother always said, It's not the original cost, it's the upkeep.

Linda O'Connell said...

We've been through a slew, too, because our men think alike.

Linda O'Connell said...

We've been through a slew, too, because our men think alike.

Anonymous said...

In all of our computer using history (about 30 years), we have had 3 printers, 2 of which operate right now. They are both wireless. The HP uses very expensive cartridges ($150 ea) but you only have to replace one color at a time. The Epson, though, is like yours in that all colors must fully functioning or it stops. I like the Epson because it's also a copier. I think it can FAX but it's not hooked up to a phone line so that function is useless. Besides, who faxes anything any more. There is this thing called PDF! Use it.

Kathy G said...

I've been able to return opened ink packages with the receipt. Just saying.

Val said...

Ack! Technology is a butt-biter. Just when you think you've tamed it, a catastrophe occurs.