Monday, July 4, 2016

I Want To Scream

 You may be wondering why I took a picture of pill boxes. These are the pill containers that I use every other week to make the daily doses of pills for HeWho has not a clue about the drugs he takes. I fill it and he mindlessly swallows whatever I put in it. He trusts me.

The pill boxes in this picture are mine. You can clearly see the difference, can't you? His are colorful and mine are not. His are kept in the same place they have ALWAYS been kept in the kitchen cabinet right next to the bin of prescription bottles. Mine are on the kitchen counter.

His has more pills and capsules than mine. They look different than mine. I take my pills twice a day, but I am aware of what I take and can store the day's supply in one. I would never dare to do that with his. He would forget and take them all at once.

You will note that he leaves the cap open after he takes his daily meds, while I close mine. He leaves the cabinet door open, as well. I close it every morning after he takes his meds. Not cheerfully and sometimes grudgingly. How hard is it to close the door?

I ran out of pills on Sunday (yesterday). I filled my two week supply and took my morning dose. After all the hoopla and the fireworks last night, I came in with a pounding headache and took my evening dose of pills along with some Tylenol. I wondered why my Saturday dose was missing. I always take my pills on the correct day, while HeWho will just take any day, even working right to left. This is so very wrong. Everyone knows that you read left to right.

My headache and fatigue drove me to just take my meds and go to bed. This morning I headed outside to see to my vegetable garden in the misting rain. I picked some beets and some peas and gloried in the solitude. Came inside to reheat my lone cup of coffee. My blood pressure was up yesterday, so I decided to cut back on the caffeine.

Back tracking to yesterday when I took my blood pressure. HeWho always takes his if he sees me taking mine. He announced that his blood pressure was up, too, concluding that the monitor was wrong. Because he takes blood pressure medication and his blood pressure is never high.

This morning I discovered that another day of my pills were gone and the lid was up. I knew immediately that he had taken my pills. Two days in a row. I called him and asked where he got his pills from this morning and he said, " The ones in my pill box on the counter." I want to scream. This means he has not been taking his prescriptions and mine are now short.

And he wonders why I get so annoyed with him. I guess I will have to hide my pill boxes in a safe place. One would think that he would be able to tell the difference, his being bright colors and mine being clear. While it is true that I recently bought new containers, I stayed with clear for me and colors for him. Yes, I will just hide mine.


Val said...

My only surprise is that HeWho is still breathing, without you reminding him to inhale and exhale...

Anonymous said...

That is a very dangerous.

Linda O'Connell said...

Oh dear. My guy doesn't know how to close cabinet doors or closets either.

Linda O'Connell said...
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Linda O'Connell said...
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