Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Day Ahead

So, as I count the minutes until closing, a camper rolls in. They seem to take forever to get out of the vehicle and come inside. I am dividing my time between the kitchen and the office. HeWho has been hinting that he "needs" a cake to satisfy his sweet tooth. I am loathe to turn on the oven unless I am making a lot of oven bound food at once.

I had just turned on the oven to preheat and had mixed the batter. It is just a boxed cake mix of German Chocolate and I saw a tasty looking recipe for an Earthquake cake. Called for coconut in a 9 X 13 pan, topped with the cake batter and then topped with a mixture of cream cheese, butter and powdered sugar. HeWho will be sharing this with some special campers that we love.

So, back to the checking in process of the slow people. They finally came into the store with a medium size dog that did not look like a bath had ever been a part of his life. He smelled. I can't hear, but I can smell. I told them to please take the dog out. After a long discussion at the door, WITH THE DOOR OPEN, they finally decided the cigarette smoking man would mind the dog while she checked in.

The temperature in the store probably gained 10 degrees while they had the door open. She looked at the registration form as if it was an alien and suddenly the door flew open again for him to tell her they wanted a 30 amp full hook up. I had already knew that by eyeballing their travel trailer. Another gust of hot air and then we were alone again. She tells me they had reservations. They did not, but I had a spot for them. She then decides that he should fill out the registration and she can watch the dog. This involved another open door discussion and my cold air left the building.

Not only that, the oven timer indicated that my oven was ready to receive the cake. The cake that was not in the pyrex dish because I was dealing with these people. I could have been wrong about the dog smelling bad, because his scent did not leave when he did. As she left to go get "him" she confided to me that she couldn't move fast because  " I broke my butt cheek".

Some days I think I have "confess" written across my forehead. I finally completed what should have been a less than 5 minute interaction and returned to the kitchen to quickly pour the batter and smooth the last layer on my cake. I saw a camper entering the drive when I headed to the kitchen and got busy. I was done by the time they opened the door to my office.

The cake is starting to smell good, the aroma is creeping into the office and I was in my happy place ....... thinking that today was Sunday. I just found out that it is Saturday and I am so very disappointed. Instead of 15 minutes, I have three hours and 15 minutes left!

I don't know if I can make it!


Brian Miller said...

smiles. hopefully you did.
thanks for the chuckles - oy you get all kinds,

perhaps today will be a bit easier on you,
because it is actually sunday. ha.

Linda O'Connell said...

Did her butt have a visible crack? You should write a book.

Linda O'Connell said...

Did her butt have a visible crack? You should write a book.

Val said...

Well, at least YOU don't have a broken butt cheek!