Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fireworks .... in my Head!

Made it through the weekend, although I am still fighting a headache that I have had since Saturday.

The weather did not cooperate. It rained all weekend. No golf cart parade, no flying of kites, no outdoor movie. The pool still got a workout every time the rain subsided. I was determined to go ahead with our picnic. Just had to move it under shelter.

Due to lots of cancellations from those too wimpy for rain, I had less than 60 people, so I just brought it inside and on the front porch. Just a matter of moving the tables to the porch and gathering the red, white and blue chairs. I was able to seat two dozen people on the front porch. Since there were little ones, it was more like 30 people. The rest came inside, where had moved the merchandise off the top shelf to make a buffet line for the side dishes. I pulled my cutting table from my sewing room to hold the paper product and utensils, along with the buns and condiments.

You can see the dark skies. The rain would let up and a little sun would peek through from time to time. Just teasing us. The rain did let up as it grew dark and the fireworks burst in the skies. I handed out sparklers and then came inside to comfort Toni Louise.

She is afraid of thunder, so she was not fond of the noise that accompanied the fireworks. My headache was none too happy with the noise, so we were an unhappy pair. There was more thunder and lightning this morning and my headache is still here. I am taking Tylenol, aspirin and ibuprofen. Not all at once. Alternating. It will subside, but I can feel it, just hanging out, waiting to attack.

Another Independence day of celebration over.


Val said...

Poor Toni Louise! Oh. And poor you! Inside, we could hear the booms from the neighbors' fireworks, and they are about half a mile away. Our dogs headed toward the goat pen and hid under the Gator. Not sure what Puppy Jack thought of his first 4th.

luksky said...

You really do a good job of improvising when necessary. A couple of years ago during the peak of our drought, there was a burn ban and they even banned the sale of fireworks that year too. It was the quietest 4th I ever remember.