Saturday, June 25, 2016

You Might Be Tired .... If You Put Glue ON Your Lips

Got up with the sun today. I lay there watching the light peeping through the sides of the curtains, little dog's tail thumping my arm. I knew I would have to take at least two of the critters out, so I got up. It was cool and refreshing outside, after a hot day yesterday. I decided to stay up and do a little gardening.

I open the store at 9 am on Saturdays and find it hard to carve out time for things I want to do ..... like pull weeds. I walked around all my gardens, admiring them in the overcast light. I told the clouds it would be okay to let some water fall. I wouldn't be at all upset if it rained all day. As I started pulling the grass and weeds out of my row of green beans it was looking pretty promising. I managed to weed the entire row and started on another.
I had my ear buds in, listening to an audio book. So, when HeWho arrived with a surprise of iced coffee, I was so surprised, I screamed. For some reason, this seemed to annoy him. There I was, bent over with a wad of grass in my hand and deep into the book, when he tapped me on the back! What did he expect?

I put my book on pause and thanked the man for the coffee, but did not apologize for being startled. I looked at the time and decided to use the energy from the rush of adrenalin to mow my side yard. I like to mow. I like to paint. Both things provide instant gratification. You can appreciate the work you are doing. Some times I will create a chevron design with my rows. I like to be creative. Today, I just mowed back and forth with straight lines. I did a little watering, still hoping for some rain.

It was time to open the store, but nobody was about. I planted some seedlings, weeded a flower bed and even raked up the weeds into the wagon. I was liking the day. Answered the phone a few times and picked some peas and beans before heading inside. Cleaned the kitchen, and got out some chops for supper. Still no customers.

I decided to re-pot a few hanging plants and then paint some more slats to make another pool chair. I was running out of energy and it was only noon. Some swimmers came in, since the sun decided to make a full blown appearance. Just as I decided to request a short nap and have HeWho tows take over the desk ...... HeWho tows left to tow.

He left and swimmers started swarming the place, crowding in to my tiny camp store with loud voices and swim noodles knocking around. The door was open more than it was closed. I tried to make the best of the situation and think about the revenue. I flipped the slats I had painted earlier and started painting the other sides.

That is when everybody wanted a snocone. "Are you out of snocones? I don't see any ready." Though I was sorely tempted to just say yes, I had sold all the ones just sitting there, I explained that they had to be made to order. Otherwise they would melt. This seemed to amaze the people standing there. It is crushed ice, people. Ice melts.

Twenty minutes left before I can lock up and go to bed. My lips are chapped, so I grab the tube of Blistex I keep at my desk and smear some on. Okay, I thought it was my Blistex. I also have craft stuff here at my desk, in case I want to do something fun and creative. What I smeared on my lips was a glue stick. Time to close, early or not. I need to sleep!


Joanne Noragon said...

That was a lot more day than I put in, and I'm tired enough at bed time to mistake the glue stick, too. You're feeling better, though, and that's good.

luksky said...

I wish I loved yard work/gardening as much as you do. I find it drudgery. The only reason I do it, is because I love the end effect, a well manicured looking yard.

Val said...

You are a much better multi-tasker than I could ever dream of being. Even the gluing-the-lips part.