Saturday, June 4, 2016

Bad Mood

I find myself to be in a horrible mood today. Overcast and cool outside, you would think that would make me happy. Perfect gardening weather, but, alas, it is Saturday. The store will be open for 12 long hours. The weather is not promising any swimmers, so it will be a long, slow day.

Unable to go haul mulch to a garden I started yesterday in the back of the park, I resign myself to working within sight of the store. It's not like there is nothing I can do. There are always weeds beckoning to be pulled. I decide to tackle the area around the dumpster and propane fill station. Not the most pleasant of tasks, but it needs attention.

I grab gloves for the prickly weeds I will encounter and start pulling and piling. I should have thought to bring a bucket or a wagon, but I didn't. I am starting to really get a rhythm going and happy to see the results when a car with two men come in the driveway. They do not stop at the STOP sign, but I am just annoyed to be bothered and decide to just let it go.

They want to know if I have tire repair kits in my store. I don't and tell them where they will be likely to find them without going to Walmart. They seem to be surprised that I don't have them. Although I try to anticipate camping needs, I have never had a request for this item, so I don't think I want to invest in the inventory and devote shelf space to something that might sit there for another 12 years before someone wants to buy it.

I go back to my weeding and my audio book. My pile is growing quite high and the area is starting to look a lot neater. I am profoundly annoyed at the garbage collector. Every time he empties, he leaves the dumpster a little further out into the parking lot. We built a fence around the dumpster and it now sits a good 8 feet out of it. I would have left a note on the dumpster, but it looked like rain last night. I am not sure he would have seen it. The dumpster was piled high with Memorial Day leavings. I think people must bring their garbage from home, because it usually fills up the first day!

A big white truck comes flying in the EXIT drive and up to the store. I walk up as the man is getting out of his truck and asking for canned peaches. Another item I have never been asked for. I tell him I don't have them, then ask him if he realizes he came in the wrong drive. "Yeah, but I was coming from the other way." My signs are lettered on both sides, what with me realizing that traffic runs both ways on the road. I am smart like that, so I point out to him that the signs can be read from either direction.

"So, you don't want my "godforsaken" business. Not the word he used. This just really flipped my witch with a "b" switch on. I said, "No. No, I don't want your business." He yelled something obscene and I told him to get out of my park.

Now I am in a foul mood. A really foul mood. I hope he tries to get me fired!! I want to pick a fight with HeWho mows, but he is mowing.

So, I took some pictures of the Martens building a nest on my security light. I got several good shots of them sitting on the rail, twigs in their beaks, waiting for me to leave the area. I edited the pictures on my phone. Then I downloaded them to my computer and the edit was gone. The computer refuses my further attempts at editing. My mood continues to deteriorate. It does not look good for the rest of the day!



Linda O'Connell said...

Let's hope today is better.

Linda O'Connell said...

Let's hope today is better.

Val said...

The scofflaw wanna-be customer is NOT always right!

Erik's RV Blog said...


Do you have anybody besides you and HEWHO working the store? The campground we are at has people who permanently (well, seasonally) camp there work the store and get a discount on their seasonal cost for doing so, this way the owners can handle everything else going on. I don't remember reading if you had this kind of thing there or not, if not it might help you to implement something like this?