Sunday, June 12, 2016

I Need A Towel For My Chair

Can I just say that I truly hate weekends? Two 12 hour days, back to back, watching people come and go and violate my rules and do other unsightly things.

Running on little sleep today and feeling every bit my age .... no, older than that, I am in no mood for nonsense. I will make your sno-cones and direct you to the pool and caution you about my rules, but I am loathe to abide idiots today.

The phone rang and I was asked if the pool was full. Since it is not quite 11am and the pool isn't open yet, I quip that the pool is full of water. The caller took this bit of information very seriously and told me that he wanted to know how many swimmers were in the pool and the reason he was asking is because he wants to come out with 12 people. I have no vantage point of the pool from my office and I was busy making sno-cones. I told him he would just have to take his chances on whether there would be a crowd here when he chose to come. (People come and go and I am not counting heads every 15 minutes to assure someone of the number of people they will see when they get here.)

"Well," he said, "We plan to have a BBQ and everything, and would that cost?" Really, he was sincere and seemed to be taken aback when I quoted prices to him. This is not the state park, I am not subsidized by government funding (my own tax $$ at work).

I had a man yesterday do just that. I was generous enough to let people park in the shade in unoccupied tent sites yesterday since the heat index was triple digits. One man decided to set up and cook on the site and, as if that wasn't bold enough, he invited people to come "visit" with him!! I know this because my competitor called me to see if I had that particular individual registered as a guest, since his friends showed up at the wrong campground.

81 swimmers passed through here yesterday and I was unable to even think about venturing outside to see what was going on.

I changed my pricing yesterday. Swimming is $3.50 and we are open for 8 hours. Pay once and register and you can come go during that 8 hours if you choose. I have not gone up on my price in 6 years. The price of pool chemicals and paint and all the other maintenance supplies have gone up considerably. So, I decided to keep the price to swim the same, but offer a day pass to the park if you want to have a BBQ and fish as well as swim. $5.00 per person. The man on the phone was shocked at my pricing. I told him he could go picnic at the state park ..... it is free. "But, there is no pool."  Such a dilemma.

I do have work campers. They were hard at work yesterday rebuilding the boardwalk to the pool and the pavilion. I know, they picked the absolute hottest day to do that! My work campers are the best. They clean my restrooms and weed eat and build stuff for me.

Yesterday the wives hung out with the husbands and got a good show people watching. Counting the number of times people used the facilities (not enough for the time they spent in the pool, we shock it every night and I will only swim in the mornings before the public has a chance to pee in it). But, by far the most interesting story was about a woman changing out of her swim suit and into her clothes while seated by the pool. My witness saw her remove her swimsuit bottom and then pull her panties on! Poolside. In a chair.

I won't be sitting in pool chairs anymore unless I Lysol it and put a towel down. I made pillow towels just for this. A nice little neck-roll sized pillow at the top and pockets at the bottom to hold keys, phones, books, and such. I have already sold 6. If you are reading this and you swim in my pool, you might want to check out the selection I have left.

 I have excellent taste in colors, even if I do say so myself!


Val said...

Those are really nice chair towels!

Joanne Noragon said...


Erik's RV Blog said...

As a work camper, Saturday sucked, I had to restock the wood for campers on the porch and find the wood milk crates to re-fill them. People seem to think they bought the milk crate when they bought the wood so now we explain please empty the crate so we can pick it up and fill it for other campers. How many pay attention, maybe 2 out of 10.

WiFi is free, it's a best effort service, with so many sites and everybody adding their cell phones, tablets and laptops to it using the Internet is a "maybe" at best during the weekend. People want it to work better, be faster and stay free. Oy Vey.

If this campground had a pool, I would never go in it. People are disgusting animals who seem to hold it until they get into the pool, kids are even worse.

My wife handles the phone calls, thank God because I think I would lose it the way some people talk.

I can't imagine somebody changing right there in front of people on a chair, I would have had to burn it....

I hope next weekend is better for you. :)

dkzody said...

The reason I NEVER go in a pool. Oh, and there's also that thing about not being able to swim!