Thursday, June 30, 2016

What Else Can Go Wrong

Did you know? A holiday weekend looms large. Much preparation is in the works and I am tired. It is 9:30 and we have just stopped working. Supper? HeWho is always worried about trivial things like food.

China King is preparing something. I went to shower and told him to just pick something. Really, I don't care. I just want to sit here and do nothing.

My Pepsi machine has been an on-going repair for years and I finally decided that I was not willing to spend another penny on it. This machine we own. Owning it meant that I could fill it with whatever product I chose, but owning it also meant that I could not pick up the phone and have Pepsi repair it. Pros and cons, you know.

I have a Coke machine inside. I am restricted to only Coke products and I have to purchase my product from them. They are crazy expensive, about $10 a case for cans. I only buy the 20 oz. bottles from them and have to charge almost $2 a bottle to make enough money to cover the product and the cost of keeping it cold. Don't forget sales tax .... I buy the rest from where I find the best price.

My Dr. Pepper machine started shocking people, especially those wet barefoot children at the pool. Called the distributor and he came right out. He even took a look at my dead Pepsi machine. He agreed with me that it was not worth any more repairs. Then he asked to see my Coke machine. Smart guy, this Dr. Pepper man. He proposed a better deal than Coke, a bigger cooler and is even willing to let me sell Coke and Pepsi product out of his machine!!

My two brand new soda machines arrived Monday. As happy as I am to have new equipment, this meant I had to unload two machines. The outdoor cooler was quite full. I engaged my new dump wagon to hold everything. I was so happy I thought of it. It was going to save me numerous trips carrying heavy trays of cans.

While I was busy patting myself on the back about my great idea, I dropped a can of grape soda and it sprayed my legs. Fortunately the door of the machine blocked my upper body. I rinsed my legs and the mess on the sidewalk and continued unloading, time being  something I don't have a lot of. I finally pulled the last can out of the machine and headed in the building. 

I pulled my big wagon full of cans through the door and a root beer can rolled off and hit a sharp edge and started spraying root beer into the air. No such luck that it would roll out the door, no, it rolled into the store all the way to the check-in counter. Roll, spray, roll, spray, roll, spray. Great way to start my Monday!

After I cleaned the root beer from the ceiling, my hair, the walls, my arms, the counter, my face (you get the picture), I waited patiently for the call that the machines were on the way .... so that I could unload the indoor machine.

That one went better, no exploding cans. The transfer was accomplished and they loaded the outdoor machine (for which I am grateful). The indoor machine could not be loaded. My salesman forgot the plastic bottle holders. So, there I was, left with all manner of boxes of product and trays of cans all over the floor of my store.

Today, he arrived bright and early to put the plastic in place. I sent him on his way, preferring to fill the machine myself. Took up most of my day, but I didn't drop any cans. My box of rafts and rings arrived for the pool and I re- merchandised that wall.

As the day was drawing to an end, I carried my pail of paint to the newly assembled picnic tables, hoping to get at least one done before I ran out of light. I did manage to accomplish my goal and then the unthinkable happened ......

As you all know, I am never without the store phone. It rang, I took the call, while still brushing on the paint. After ending the call, I stuck the phone in my bra. When I bent over the get as much paint off the brush as I could, the phone fell into the paint.

I don't know what annoyed me most, the loss of the paint that stuck to the phone and my hand, or the fact that phone no longer works.

Can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings.


Kathy G said...

I hope you don't get too much rain this weekend...unless you WANT it.

Val said...

Well...I hope at least that the phone is PRETTY!

luksky said...

That sounded like a whatever can go wrong, will go wrong kind of day. Cheers to a better weekend. Happy 4th!

Linda O'Connell said...

Gee whiz, someone better take that curse off.

Linda O'Connell said...
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