Monday, June 20, 2016

Oscar Gets A Wife

Oscar's first day in my house was trying, to say the least. My Himalayan cat, Gremlin, was quite insulted at the prospect of another canine in his midst. Gremlin was my anniversary gift one year. I forget which anniversary, other than the fact that it was the year I was tested for allergies ..... and found to be allergic to cat dander. HeWho never fails to astonish me with thought provoking gifts. Maybe he was trying to tell me something??

We have always had cats and dogs. Other pets, too. Ferrets and a squirrel, a duck and a guinea pig. We like animals. I once has pet pigs and some pet chickens, but that is another story. Gremlin was my high maintenance pet. He was plagued with gum disease and bladder stones. His long hair needed constant grooming and he had an attitude. He thought himself to be the superior of the animal kingdom in my house, but even Gremlin succumbed to the alpha-ness of Oscar.

The very first night in my house, Oscar cried pitifully until he was ensconced in our bed, between me and HeWho is a big sucker for tiny animals. Over time I have come to realize that the crying was probably just a means to an end for Oscar. He wanted to claim the middle space of my bed ...... and he did.

Despite the entreaties of HeWho wanted to be the master of Oscar, Oscar chose to sleep next to me. Very close, next to my thigh. I was at once repulsed and enchanted with this little bully. I loved that he chose me, but I already had a dog who chose me over all others. Sarge was my dog. We did everything together. I always took Sarge on my walks. He was so obedient we could have ditched the leash. He loved me over everybody else in our household. He loved children, too. He disdained those who would raise their hand or voice to a little one. If HeWho would pretend to hit me, he would attack him. Better than that, if I actually smacked my husband, he would attack him!! Never me. He loved me. I still miss that dog. He lived 14 wonderful years.

Now that I had two dogs who loved me best, I had to divide my time with them. Sarge got my undivided attention on walks and Oscar had my undivided attention all the time in between. I took him to work with me. I even bought a baby carrier and put him in it while I went about my duties at work. To say the dog was spoiled would be an understatement. I fell madly in love with my tiny dog, so much so, that upon his 6 month birthday, I bought for him a wife-dog.

We drove to get her, Oscar nestled in my arms, me assuring him that he would always be the top-dog. Oscar weighed in at 10 lbs. and was considered to be miniature. We looked for a female with his coloring, black with tan markings. He was such a handsome little devil, we wanted to reproduce him. We found a litter of black and tan silkies (long hair) mini-doxies and I let my rejected (by Oscar) husband choose. We named her Emmy. Oscar was not a weenie, he was an award! This meant Emmy would be another award.

Back in the car, I still held my Oscar. He needed to know he was loved, after all. Emmy fit in the shirt pocket of her new master. Her cute little head sticking out. She would look over at me and my Oscar from time to time, but Oscar was having none of this new puppy! I conceded that she was cute enough, but I declared Oscar to be the best looking dog ever to live.

Emmy grew to whopping 6 lbs. Emmy possessed a wonderful disposition. She loved every one she met and every one she met fell in love with her. She became Oscar's best buddy, but she was also Louise's best buddy. Louise loved Emmy and thought her to be her very own puppy. Emmy allowed Louise the pleasure of flipping her over and back and over again as Louise administered to her new charge. The few times Emmy was scolded, she would run to Louise and hide under neck in her fur. Sarge loved Emmy, as well. Even my daughter Jill liked Emmy. Never Oscar, though, even though he was found innocent of her nausea. Baby Layla would turn out to be the culprit and worth every bit of misery!

Oscar and Emmy parented one litter of excellent puppies. Three little girls and they all looked exactly like Oscar. We sold them for the outrageous sum that Jill had paid for their father-dog. We had one that kept returning and we called her Toni. I secretly thought of her as Adrienne. My baby girl that would move out, only to return numerous times.

After the birth of the three look a-likes, we had  Oscar neutered in attempt to tone down his outrageous ways. We were still struggling to potty train this dog. He was a smug little tyrant and would look at me defiantly and pee on the wall. Our vet thought the surgery would help. It didn't. He still pees on the floor. He is no longer defiant, just matter of fact. He is so sure of my love for him.

My daughters have proclaimed me to be a crazy dog lady. That's okay I embrace my title. It is true. I love my dogs.


Meggie said...

I loved this post. I love my dogs too, and wish I could have more.

Val said...

Oscar's gonna Osc! He knows he's top dog, and isn't about to relinquish that title.