Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Call Me

The pool water is reported to be great. Many people have enjoyed it every day since opening. This means I am stuck in this store for 8 hours, itching to escape. I manage to mow and weed in the early morning hours, my fingernails tell the story!

As usual, the phone rings incessantly asking if the pool is open, what hours and cost. It has been the same cost for the past 6 years, the same hours for the past 8 years. But, every season brings the comments "When did you raise the price!!" and "I thought the pool was open until 9!!". I tried leaving it open until 9, but it is hard enough to make people leave by 7, and I am loathe to argue with someone after I have been up and about since the sun came up.

Since the pool does not open until 11, I spend my mornings in my gardens. It is my favorite part of the day. I put an audio book in my ear and pull weeds and clip back limbs water things. I always have the store phone on my person and answer many calls while I am in my happy place. Too many calls. I have caller ID (who doesn't?) and will ignore 800 calls. Today, the same caller has called here 3 times. Same question every time. She has called over a span of about two and a half hours. I don't know if she is calling other parks and calling mine again, forgetting that she already called. "Do you have RV spots?" Yes. "How much does it cost?" 50 amp or 30 amp? "It is a motorhome." Same question from me. Finally she decides 30 amp on the first call. "Are you a Good Sam park?" I offer a discount. "How much?" Ten percent. "How much would it be with the discount?" (It always amazes me that people cannot figure the discount, the price is $30, so it is minus $3) $27. "OK." She hangs up.

Second call. "Do you give a military discount?" Yes, I accept military, veterans, AARP, AAA, or Good Sam (always careful to say OR instead of AND, lest they try to use all the cards). "How much would it be?" I feign ignorance and pretend I do not realize it is the same caller and ask how much for what service. "A motorhome." 50 amp or 30 amp? "30 amp" $27 "OK". Again she simply hangs up.

Third call. "Do you have any discounts?" Now I am annoyed, so I make her work for the information and ask "discounts for ......" And she comes back with her now famous "Motorhome". I am fully vested in playing it out and ask all the same questions I did before and get all the same answers I did before and get the same "OK" and she hangs up.

I am now wondering if she will call back and interrupt my peace again. Some days are just like that.


Linda O'Connell said...

You have to pretend you are a recording when she calls. that should do it.

ellen abbott said...

I do on occasion get people calling around and it's not like there are so many of us glass etchers that they should forget, but when they do, I just tell them they already called me.

Val said...

She probably drove to another park and had a fit over their price, because they PROMISED her those rates on the phone.