Friday, May 27, 2016

Yes, The Pool Is Open!

The weekend started yesterday with three groups checking in a day early. Not complaining! Last minute reservations are filling in the gaps on my chart, despite the cancellations. My on-line reservations from the web site come to my personal e-mail.

I still keep a close eye on the kampground website. The one that caught my eye was the query, "Any openings left?" That's all, no other qualifications for what the person was looking for. I replied with, "For what date?"

The rain that was forecast for the week did not happen. I mowed until my legs felt like rubber yesterday .... after I painted the boards for picnic table assemblage. The "storms" scheduled for the week never appeared and lots of weeds were pulled and I even picked 4 strawberries!!

Cujo, my 4 year old dachshund killed a rabbit!!! I can't imagine why a rabbit would want to come into our back yard. I even questioned HeWho witnessed the event, wondering if Martha, the boy cat might have gifted the rabbit to his best buddy, Cujo. HeWho says that the rabbit was hopping across the yard when Cujo gave chase and grabbed the intruder. So smart, my Cujo, knowing that his Mommy loathes rabbits stealing her crops!

The storm came in as dusk fell last night after a bright and sunny day. Scattered showers are in the forecast today and tomorrow, with sunshine and clear skies for Sunday and Monday. We shall see.

The other event of the week was the visit to the orthopedic surgeon for HeWho. His knee still hurts and when he went to the clinic, things went just as I had predicted. You will recall that we had an x-ray at the nearest facility with that capability, a hospital 25 miles from here. I assume a qualified radiologist read the x-ray and reported no fractures. This is the same facility that left me with a huge bruise from the phlebotomist who seemed incapable of locating a vein.

There is a fracture to the tibia. Just a hairline fracture, but an MRI is being scheduled to determine whether surgery will be needed. Since the man refuses to stay off the knee, the fracture could have occurred after the initial x-ray, although the doctor didn't think so. Such is life with HeWho refuses to listen to his wife.


Linda O'Connell said...

I think you would have a best seller if you wrote a book about all the HeWhos out there for all the SheWhos that have to put up with their antics. If yours is like mine you won't hold him down. Hope he heals quickly.

Val said...

Dang! His TIBIA! Hope you haven't been kicking him in the shin!

Good luck with the pool people. I can't wait to hear the tales this season.