Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Sign Of The Spring

I have been busy painting signs for the kampground. Everyday has found me with a paintbrush in my hand, eyes bleary. I listen to audio books while I paint, but after a week of this, I am bored.

People do come and go and advise me on how to paint and what I should be doing instead. Happens every other year or so when I need to refresh the signs. This year I am adding 4 speed limit signs. Just little reminders for those who think they are immune to my rules. I want to add cameras like the ones that capture traffic violations at red lights.

I added the "children playing" as an explanation. I really just wanted to put "because I will shoot out your tires if you speed", but HeWho won't let me have a gun.

Making signs is a lengthy affair. I primed, then painted the signboard with two coats of yellow paint. Not the shade of paint I wanted, but settled for, since I could not make the older gentleman in the paint department at Walmart understand that I wanted him to duplicate the color of the rustoleum paint I had in my hand. I spoke slowly and I have been told I enunciate clearly .........

After the yellow paint dries, I painstakingly letter the signs, then paint them with black paint, dry that and use three coats of polyurethane on top of that ....... dry that, flip the sign over and do the same thing. I am very careful to make sure my lettering is not upside down on the opposite side. I did that once and got really annoyed with myself.

My new entrance sign.

Iris are blooming!

Hostas are popping out of the ground!

Strawberries will be here soon.

And the dandelions keep on coming!


Val said...

HeWho sure sucked the fun right out of THAT plan!

ellen abbott said...

what you need is speed bumps. and make peace with those dandelions! they will be gone of their own accord soon enough and they make the grass look pretty.

Linda O'Connell said...

I've heard that dandelions are food for the first bees to arrive. I've also heard my husband call them other names. your signs are wonderful. Maybe you could start a small sign business. Men Lounging/Women Working. LOL