Monday, May 23, 2016

Reservations About Reservations

As the holiday weekend approaches, I have been busy with reservations .....

Pretty normal, right? I find myself having serious reservations about what people think reservations are for and how it works.

I have regulars who reserve a year in advance and always show up and request the same site. They obviously understand the concept of making reservations. If they forget to make a reservation for a weekend and just show up, they understand that the site they want might not be available. That's how it works.

Last week I had a gentleman call to make reservations for the upcoming holiday weekend and he requested two sites that have been reserved for a year. When I told him they were already reserved, he was indignant and informed me that he would not come if he couldn't have those sites!

I guess he is not coming. Today a man came in and said he had several questions about my park. I was busy pricing merchandise and stocking shelves while listening to a Robin Cook suspense. I put my book on hold and prepared myself for an barrage of questions and some unsolicited advice.

His first questions were about the pool and the price to enjoy an afternoon in the pool. This was followed by suggestions about season passes and lowering the rates. I almost said, "Yes, but no." Meaning yes, I hear you, but no, your ideas will not be entertained by me. When he realized he would not be convincing me to see things his way about lowering my rates, he decided that camping here would be cheaper than paying to swim. "Will I need a reservation for this weekend?" he asks. I tell him that he should absolutely reserve a site, that I only have a few left. He then told me he would be in on FRIDAY to make the reservation.

I told him he could try, but that I might not have any sites left. He could not seem to grasp the concept of reservations, wondering why I wouldn't hold a site for him (unsecured), since I knew he would be here Friday to make the reservation ....... FOR FRIDAY.

But, I saved the best for last. I had reservations for a particular site that would be arriving AFTER the holiday weekend. I even commented that I was glad it would be after the holiday, since that would assure more choices for him, as his stay would be a couple of weeks. He looked at the site map on the website and chose one. This particular site is an end site and very popular. I have had a reservation for this site from a regular customer for months. He always asks for this site due to the size of his toy hauler.

A few days ago the man with the reservation for AFTER the holiday called to see if it would be okay to go ahead and come in this Friday. Yikes. I explain that I have a reservation for the site he wanted. I can tell that he is not happy with my solution of putting him in another site until after the weekend.

As much as I want to accommodate all my guests, sometimes it is just not possible. After his call, I promptly forgot about it. I had done the best I could. He called me the next morning to see if he came in BEFORE the weekend and was in the site when the weekend arrived, would that work.

Again, I want to say, "Yes, but no." I have no intention of blowing off a return guest for someone staying at a reduced rate. Fortunately for him, I had a seasonal camper pull out rather suddenly (they had no idea their camper would sell so fast). This solved the problem as this is a very nice site with lots of space.

I still have reservations about my reservations, though.


luksky said...

I think people have the same misunderstanding about "booking appointments" also. We had a customer come in the other day and she wanted to come in the next day for a tattoo. My husband told her to ensure that she have a secured spot that she should lay down a deposit and make an appointment. She said she would come back in the next day and book her appointment...for that day. She didn't get it at all.

Erik's RV Blog said...

My wife and I now work at our campground store on Saturday's. We cannot believe how narcissistic people are, or how little they care about peoples feelings outside of their own.

People show up in rigs that are falling apart, have no license and want to stay for months on a pay as you go basis. You explain the rules and they each and every time expect to be allowed to bend them, or ignore them completely.

One such couple managed to get into the campground and began rebuilding a good portion of their trailer, the AC unit was taken apart and parts were everywhere, they had propane tanks everywhere and the site was a mess. The owners went down and kicked them out, it took 2 days to get rid of them.

I do not envy people who own campgrounds anymore, I used to, Ronda and I thought about buying one, no way now. In fact last year and this year we work the store, no more after this season is over, the little money we save doing it, just isn't worth it.

Good luck for this weekend Kathy! :)


Linda O'Connell said...

Dumbing down of America. They don't get it!
I hope you have reservations for a full campground this holiday weekend, and also a lot less problems.

Val said...

At least you're not like that rental car agency at the airport, who knows how to TAKE a reservation, but not how to HOLD a reservation...