Saturday, May 7, 2016

I Have A Flower Delivery ....

No, not for me. HeWho and the children all know better than to send me cut flowers. But that is not what this is about.

I was planting some green envy zinnias in a spot that I can see from my bedroom window. I need all the help I can get to make me want to roll out of the bed in the morning. I happened to see a non descript van barreling down the EXIT drive. I sighed deeply, thinking it was far too early on a Friday to be dealing with people who can't read. There is a sign posted that says 'ENTER NEXT DRIVE' that can be seen from pretty far away. Then if you happen to not see it and turn in, another sign warns you that you are going the wrong way. It literally says 'WRONG WAY'. Like the ones on the exit and entrance ramps on the interstate system.

I lay down my multi-tool that allows me to pluck dandelions from the ground, plant bulbs and even has a saw edge that I have never used. I was afraid I might want to use the saw edge if I kept it in my hand. As I approached the van at the entrance to the office, a man was opening the side door and when I inquired about being of assistance he sang out, "Flower delivery ...."

Flowers? I don't see any flowers. I realize that florists are apt to deliver other types of baskets. I might have called this a fruit basket. The woman driving was grinning at me and I told them I would take the basket, since I just saw that camper leave a few minutes before. "Oh, and by the way, did you realize that you came in the wrong drive?" I am always ready for a good excuse, as it will usually contain blog material. She just smiled at me and said that she did. Like a dog with a bone, I just couldn't let it go. So, I asked her if the signs were visible and again she said they were, but that she had already turned when she saw them. At least I didn't have to ask her if she could read.

But, back to this basket. I was carrying it into the office out of the sun. I looked down and saw this. Sliced American cheese. Odd, don't you think? I mean I have seen baskets with cheese and crackers and summer sausage and such, but I can honestly say that the package of American cheese nestled next to the bananas is a first for me.

So, this called for an investigation. I turned the basket slowly, thing there must be crackers and maybe mustard some where. I was wrong. There is a small bag of chocolate chip cookies, some ginger snaps and 2 cans of peanuts. All brands I have seen at the Dollar Tree. Lots of oranges and bananas and the cheese. Sprinkled throughout are miniature candy bars in Easter colored wrappers and 2 packages of juicy fruit gum.

I am friends with the recipient of the basket, so I felt free to explore the contents through the cellophane. I did not open the card (I do have some scruples!), but am pretty sure this is from her sons who live in another state. I hope she sends a picture of the basket of goodies to them so that they can give some feedback to the company they ordered this from.

I wish I knew her kids. I would call them and ask how much they paid for this basket. I have sent such things myself and I would want to know if the local florist with that contract had delivered something like this.

Looks to me like they used candy left over from Easter and supplied everything else from the Dollar Tree except for the fruit. And I happen to know that bananas are on sell this week for 39 cents per pound. The cheese? Maybe they had a coupon?

Just goes to that old adage ....... it IS the thought that counts!!


joanne said...

that is crazy...old candy and american cheese. I'm beginning to wonder about the basket I sent to my daughters in-laws at Christmas. I never heard a word from them since, maybe it was the same florist!

Val said...

That's a redneck fruit basket right there!

I'm going to renew my effort to get my proposed handbasket factory up and running! Just goes to show that NOBODY seems to care about a job well done these days. I'm amazed that some people manage to keep their jobs.

Joanne Noragon said...

Seeing is believing. You couldn't have convinced me of the shabbiness with words.

Anonymous said...

This is the reason I never order from those online vendors. If I must order flowers (gifts) for another town, I check on Yelp to find a good vendor then call and talk to that store personally. I try to stay clear of those teleflorist franchises, too, because I've heard of these kinds of scams.

If you give them your phone number, they will text you a photo of the basket, flowers, etc, before it's sent out on the truck. A good vendor wants to show off their work.

Linda O'Connell said...

That basket preparer perhaps raided his or her own closet and pantry. This is unbelievable. No not really, not in this day and age. Maybe you should purchase hand baskets from Val and stuff them, then sell them in your camp store.