Saturday, May 21, 2016

Crazy Old Man Syndrome

Men are so helpless. HeWho is still limping and complaining about his knee. You know, the knee he landed on when he flipped the motorcycle. The knee that was not broken, but was no doubt about it, seriously injured. He was told to take it easy and stay off the knee. That means, limited walking and even less bending and kneeling. He was given a round of steroids to speed up the healing and was told to take 800 mg of Ibuprofen for 2 weeks. And that he would need a brace.

He religiously took the steroids and the Ibuprofen was hit and miss. The brace consisted of an ace that he thought to be sufficient. The steroids made him feel so much better that he went right back to mowing and towing. Now, weeks later, he is experiencing a lot of pain. He asked me to call the clinic today. He thinks they should prescribe something for the pain. His wife told him that the pain was his knee telling him to slow down and stay off of it and that the clinic visit will result in a referral to an ortho doctor. His wife is right, we all know it, but I dutifully made the appointment for Monday.

When asked what the appointment was for, I reminded the receptionist of the old man and the motorcycle and she did remember him. I relayed my thoughts to her and then told her to put "crazy old man syndrome" in the complaint box.


Joanne Noragon said...

I'm sure the clinic docs are qualified to handle an abused knee. I doubt they will ever admit to COMS! Too close to home.

Val said...

It's amazing that the knee hurts so bad that it prevents him from calling the clinic himself!

For three days, my husband has been telling me to "Get on the internet and find out if there's a Sprint store here locally." Because he needs to get his phone straightened out, because he messed it up, and he's going back to France next weekend. Never mind that he could have done this himself on work time on his work computer, but instead spent hours looking at car dealer websites for a new used car for The Pony.

joanne said...

someday they are going to find a cure for that...seems to be a lot if it going around in our area too. crazy old many syndrome, and they think we are nuts.

Linda O'Connell said...

Oh my it's an epidemic! Hope his knee pain gets better, because we all know a man's pain is worse than a woman's.

carol pavlik said...

Kathy I love your blog. I have a he who too and I sympathize. I have been reading your archives and they are very entertaining.