Sunday, May 29, 2016

Weekend Success

Day three of the crazy holiday weekend. I was a little worried about the forecast for rain as the weekend approached. I had some cancellations early Friday. I was supposed to have a group of Penn State geology students coming in and they cancelled ..... that was 25 students and 4 advisors. They re-routed their trip, thinking we would have tornadoes here.

Around 11 am the phone started ringing and did not stop until after the office was closed with people being evacuated from parks that had flooded. I filled my park and had to turn people away. It was nice to have people really appreciate my efforts.

As the day was coming to an end the skies opened and the rain fell in sheets. The gutters could not hold it all. Thankfully, all the tents were already up. The pool was full to the top, too much water!

Saturday was a beautiful day with a shower in the afternoon and people still scrambling to find camping accommodations, so we were full again. We have not been this busy ....... since the last time we were this busy and I can't remember when that was. We have been so busy that I had to place an order for Snocone syrup, despite the fact that I had already received a big order in hopeful anticipation. I have gone through 28 lbs. of ice just today making snocones.

My pool toy wall is looking bare, I have spread my merchandise out 3 times so far! This is the weekend that usually sets the pace for the camping season and this makes me happy.

I will be happy to have this weekend behind me tomorrow. Tuesday we will be having the MRI to see if HeWho was not allowed to tow, will need surgery. That should make for a good story to tell, since HeWho provides me with so much material to write about.

Off to bed with my four legged crowd of loved ones!


Linda O'Connell said...

So glad to hear you have a full house, and presumably everyone is behaving. Best wishes to HeWho.

Linda O'Connell said...
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Joanne Noragon said...

A happy post.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Nice to see things go so well! I hope HEWHO doesn't need surgery, crossing fingers for tomorrow.


Val said...

Glad to hear you made hay while the rain poured! I hope this is a harbinger of the season to come. Not that I want you exhausted or anything. Just hoping for brisk business with regular people, not a summer of wrangling weirdos.

Best wishes for HeWho to be mending without the surgery.