Thursday, May 19, 2016


In case you might be wondering where I have been ...... I have been having trouble logging on to Blogger. Don't know why, since I was not denied access to anything else. "This page cannot be displayed."

I rebooted everything and still it would not open up. So, I just went to bed. The rain and the pending projects have had me pushing myself to the limit every day. Painting, mowing and weeding take up all my waking hours and now I sit here listening to the projected forecast for Memorial Day weekend ...... supposed to rain Friday and Saturday. Great.

Yesterday I decided to dig up some young trees and create a line of trees to camouflage The Barn of HeWho. I married Fred Sanford, but have decided to call the Barn "HeWho's Folly" because only people my age know Fred Sanford.

I don't know why I did not think of this before! I always have lots of baby trees in the spring and why this did not occur to me before is a mystery. I dug up 13 trees yesterday and planted them to strategically create a visual block to the eyesore of HeWho's Folly.

Every muscle in my body aches today. That was a lot of digging! I plant trees all the time and have lost hardly any. This morning when I went out to see what my garden was doing, I was happy to see my corn finally coming up, but when I glanced over at my line of trees, I was disappointed to see one laying flat on the ground.

I had an issue with water yesterday. I had pulled the hose over to the tree line to give them each a good drink when I was interrupted by a check-in. This was immediately followed by another, then a phone call. I confess that I totally forgot the water was on. I knew the connection between hoses was leaking and it sort of flooded the area. I figured it had something to do with water pushing it up and toppling it over.

I walked over to pick it up, thinking I would need to stake it when I saw the tire marks. Somebody drove down the private drive and ran over my tree! It was not HeWho mows and tows. We came inside at the same time last night as it was turning dark.

Why anyone would drive down the private drive is also a mystery. There is a map on the front of the building and the private drive way is clearly marked with signage and lights. Not a good way to start the day, already aching from big tree planting adventure.


Linda O'Connell said...

Well, you are going to wear yourself out, but I like your tree line idea.

Val said...

Somehow, I am not surprised that somebody drove down your private drive and mowed down your baby tree.