Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Four days ago Scarlethue (A Beautiful Truth) passed along an award to me. I am to name ten random things about me. I didn't just blow it off. I was trying to figure out how to transport the image to my blog. I am sure it is something that is no doubt pretty simple if you know what you are doing. After all I did figure out how to put pictures on here, didn't I?

Well I clicked on that handy dandy help button and I put the question out there and the response had something to do with adding a widget. Gee...... wonder what that is. Next week my child will be here and then I will no doubt learn.

Until then though...... Ten things about me. Lets see. Okay. I didn't learn how to swim until I was 22. I don't like chocolate, especially milk chocolate. I have broken my left foot four times. I like to mow, but I hate to vacuum. I find washing dishes to be soothing. That's five and this is harder than I thought.

I took two years of French and can't remember any of it, but since I have never been to France it doesn't really matter. I always thought I would travel to exotic places and now I realize I am content to be where I am. I haven't had a tub bath in 6 years.......only showers. I miss having a bathtub. I used to color my hair, now it is my natural color with a lot of gray........and I don't feel a bit older. One more........I am terrified of dentists. It is traumatic for me to go. I will do almost anything to get out of it.

Now that you know these amazing facts about me I think I am obliged to pass this along. However, I find it impossible to choose among those blogs I follow and enjoy. Not to mention that I have failed to put the image on here, but you all just wait! When I find out what this widget thingy is I will show you, yes I will!


Missy said...

You don't like chocolate? Shocking and hard to comprehend! I don't know what a widget is either!

ellen abbott said...

Well done. It took me two weeks to come up with my list.

luksky said...

I hate chocolate too...and ice cream. I also have an intense fear of the dentist. I can remember my mother having to literally drag me into the office while I was kicking and screaming. It's been 25 years since I have been in a dentist office. I don't even make my kids go.

scarlethue said...

No chocolate!! Blasphemy!

I think all you have to do with the picture is right click on the pic, save it to your computer, then go to your "new post" area, click the upload picture button, find the picture on your computer where you saved it, and voila (French :) ) there it is. I think anyway... I have a mac, and macs make these things much easier.

Pat said...

I'm with you on that no tub bath. I, too, miss soaking in a nice, hot bath. Living in a trailer is not conducive to bathtubs! LOL!

Hit 40 said...

At least you did learn to swim!!! My husband has no idea. I tell my boys to swim away from him when we are on a boat. Don't let daddy drag you under!!!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Missy-Maybe the widget is made of chocolate and that is why it remains so elusive for me.

ellen-It was harder than I thought it would.

luksky- You should go for a check-up and not wait until you have a problem like I did.

scarlet-I will give it a shot and I wish I had a mac...wishin' won't make it so.

Pat-I have a tub here in the living quarters, but no matter how hard I scrub it still looks nasty and I am loathe to soak in it. I really miss my hot tub, really I do!

Hit-That is funny! Aren't both your boys avid swimmers? My dad still doesn't know how to swim and he is almost 80!

Nancy said...

No choclolate???

I am currently tubless as well. :-(